Sunday, February 14, 2010

This is a Blog About Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! A lot has happened in the past year. At this time last year, Sogna may have been in surgery, but certainly in a lot of bandages, and still very sick. Biffy hadn't yet dreamed of meeting his lady love.

Since then, we've fallen in love.We've been so happy together, we wanted to share a few of our feelings about the love we share.

Love is not having to wear stupid bandages anymore.

Love is running to the sound of the word cookie.

Love is bounding out for playtime, but running back to the doorway to make sure Sogna gets across the bridge OK.

Love is keeping each other's eyes clean, and making sure they stay that way.

Love is eating out of each others' mouths, and letting the other find the treat first.

Love is a big salad with veggies, herbs and 3 kinds of lettuce.

Best of all, love is getting presents!!! Here's us playing with the new toys we got for Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Share the love, which is the greatest gift of all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridging the Divide

It's not easy being a little bun in the big city. Especially when you have splay-leg, like I do. As you can see (like most Manhattan apartments), our apartment is all hardwood floors. Biffy doesn't have so much trouble with them, but I do.

Mom has been doing her best to improvise. She bought an area rug that almost completely covers our room (If you're wondering about the pattern, it was the cheapest 7' x 10' rug Mom could find), and two 5' x 8' rugs for the big room.

But it's still not enough. Even if I can get out to the big room for playtime, I'm stuck on the little rug islands. How can a little bunny girl be expected to run a bunny 500 in these conditions?

So mom devised a plan. Here is a picture of the "bridge" that allows me to get from our room to the big room:

Still, Mom felt bad when Biffy would go play in the living room and I would be confined to the rug in the kitchen area... So she created an even BIGGER bridge so I can get to the living room!!!

Now I'm happy, because I can go anywhere Biffy can!!!