Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silver thinks cats are weird.

But we think they're ok. They don't make a lot of noise, like the Big Scary Dog, and they respect your space and don't get up in your face.

This picture was taken sometime last year, and my sister just gave it to me this weekend. Though Bella was kind of hesitant and aloof, as usual, Biff seemed to just want to make a friend. This was when I really knew I needed to bond him.

I'm back from my business trip. It was so hard to be away from the buns for so long (two days), but Jon took good care of them. I expected them to be punish me when I got home, by ignoring me, but as soon as Biff heard my voice he hopped around a full 180 degrees and ran over. Sogna wasn't far behind him. They loved the pettins. Sogna's coat has gotten ridiculously shaggy after two days of not being plucked. Don't tell her, but I do think she needs to be restrained and brushed asap.

Before I left, I ordered the buns some presents to bribe them into loving me again. This basket came full of willow balls from Busy Bunny. I'm sure they'll be gone in a couple of days.

I also ordered a new Cottontail Cottage, since the old one (on the left) is getting dangerous. It looks ok from the outside, but the structural integrity of the two levels inside has been seriously threatened by digging activity.

I also ordered 6 extra large grass mats, not pictured.

Also, I recently cut off about 9-10 inches of my hair. Just felt like a change. The haircutter suggested I donate it, but I've donated to Locks of Love four or five times, and I'm pretty sure they require 10 inches as an absolute minimum. So the hair has been sitting in my nightstand drawer for over a month while I took my time deciding what to do with it. When the massive oil spill hit the Gulf, I knew what to do.

You see, there is an organization that uses hair stuffed into old stockings as boons to soak up the oil. It sounds crazy, but apparently it works better than dispersant, and has virtually no effect on the environment. They do take hair from groomers, etc., but apparently human hair works best! Who knew?

My Pretty Angel Girl :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patchwork Post

WARNING: If you're looking for a theme to tie everything together in this post, there isn't one.

That's why we're calling it a patchwork post.

Maybe we're not so good at "themes", or "stories". We have other strengths. Just look at us.

(Does anyone love this picture as much as I do??)

First thing's first. Has anyone bought the "Apt. 5" brand toilet paper? It's 90% recycled, and has the most bunnyliciously thick toilet paper rolls we've ever seen. We're not usually interested in toilet paper rolls unless they're stuffed with hay but we love these. Actually, on several occasions Sogna has thrown around a roll so vigorously she has found herself losing her balance and doing a complete backwards somersault. Gosh I wish I got a picture of that. Laughed so hard.

Bunny love...

Mommmmmm. Can you get that camera out of here? Some things are supposed to be private. Jeez.

I love this picture because Sogna seems to have a visible angelic aura, doesn't she? I don't call her my little angel girl for nothing ;)

Actually, though, the purpose of the above picture is to show her heinously uneven shed she's having. The picture really doesn't do it justice, she looks all shaggy and doesn't seem comfortable.

She doesn't allow me to brush her, if I try, she runs away. And if I pick her up, I need to hold her so tightly to keep her from running away that 1. I have no free hand for brushing/plucking, and 2. I can't really get to much of the fur because my arms are in the way. Now every time I go to pet her, she runs away because she knows I'm going to take any opportunity I can get to pluck out some of that loose hair. I don't want her to get a blockage. Any advise???

No comment here, really. Biff just loves hay.

And now, prepare to be amazed.

I saw the Arabella and Wesley bags on sale in Annette, aka, Dragon House of Yuen,'s Etsy shop. I really liked them, but I couldn't decide which one to buy. So the wheels started turning in my head. "Wouldn't it be cool if I could get a purse that looked like MY buns?" It would be almost like a functional portrait of them!

I got in touch with Annette, thinking she would tell me that I was absolutely out of my mind, or that she'd do whatever I wanted for a million dollars, but luckily for me, Annette is a wonderfully sweet lady. Not only did she agree to do a TON of work, she actually liked the idea.

She toiled in her workshop for months, and here was the outcome:

Side A: Can you believe the level of detail here?!

Thank you SO much Annette. I really can't believe how amazing it came out. Now I can bring my buns with me everywhere!

Which is good, because I need to go away on business for over 48 hours next week, and I'm really not happy about it. I hate to be without my kids, even just to go to work! I know Jon will take good care of them and keep me updated as to how they're doing, and they don't care as long as they're being fed, but for me it's pure anguish.

OK, lastly, below we have my super freaky space age plant grower thingy. It's definitely a bit odd, but the lavender has finally started to flower, and it makes my fingers smell nice when I touch it :) Plus, when I prune off any brown pieces, the bunnies scarf them down. I guess it's a delicacy.

Aerogarden: For city folk who don't have enough oxygen in their apartments but kill any plant they try to grow naturally.

Once the lavender dies, or gets fed to Biff & Sogna, the herb garden is up next. Don't tell the buns, it's a surprise!

Wish me luck next week. Hopefully the buns will remember me by the time I get back :-/