Friday, April 30, 2010

Mom's playing hooky

Biff has spent the whole day basking in the sunshine...

It's in the 70s today and the sun's been shining all day, so Mom couldn't bear to go to work today.

Sogna prefers to rest in the Under-the-Bed-Realm, where Mom can't wake her up with pettins.

Still, she manages to wake her up with that wretched camera.

Mom was cleaning up after us last weekend and Jon commented that the room seemed so much BIGGER without the pen. Buns seemed to be enjoying the running space, and the pen doesn't actually get used anyway, so Mom decided to experiment and see how it went without it. Buns didn't seem troubled without their protective fence, as she suspected they might. So the only drawback is really just that Mom has to pick up stray doots from all over the floor, not just inside the cage.

Oh well.

What do you think? Looks a lot bigger, no?

This is the new planter Mom bought on Etsy. There's a hare in the center and a tortoise hanging on to either side. We like it, but unfortunately it's too small for the Jade it was intended for.

Mom's thinking bunny grass, but maybe that's too boring. Any ideas?? Would need to be easy to grow, keep in mind Mom's a beginner.

Hope the weekend weather is as nice where you are as it is here!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

We thought, since today is Sleepy Sunday, we would show you our favorite places to sleep the day away.

Biff likes to sleep under the desk. No one else really ever goes down there. He is at a slightly elevated position of power, and can still get plenty of sunshine through the window.

"Who dares disturb my slumber?"

Sogna really enjoys sleeping in the "cage" area under the AC unit (we don't really have a cage, Mom keeps an open pen by the AC unit with our litter boxes and some blankets so that we can have a place to call our own).

We both feel very safe and secure in the "cage", and as you can see, Sogna looks ridiculously comfortable.

In case you couldn't tell, (if she just looks like a grey/tan blob with a white belly), her head is to the left in this picture. You can kind of see her mouth and her ears.

This is the new jade plant Mom got last Sunday night. It was the first Easter without Nana, and Mom was missing her. Nana always kept several jades in the house, and they were extremely large. Hopefully this one will grow as big as Nana's!

If the size of the leaves are any indication, this is going to be one big houseplant. Mom ordered a beautiful pot off etsy, decorated with tortoises and a jackrabbit, and she can't wait til it comes in so she can show you!

(Side note: Does anyone know anything about watering jade? I read online that you're only supposed to water it twice a month because it's a succulent, but this little guy's rather large leaves are looking sort of droopy after 1 week without water, especially on the bottom. How can you tell if it needs more water when the soil is SUPPOSED to dry out between waterings??)

As most of you have actual gardens, you will not be impressed. But as you may know Mom has been having garden envy looking at all of your beautiful gardens and has decided this apartment could use a little extra oxygen. She even started an Aerogarden a few weeks ago and is attempting to grow some lavender so the house will smell nice at some point this spring. We're waiting for the little plants to flower before we share pictures.

PeeBed update:

We have been very, very good all week. Mom slept out last night, and came home this morning to one, lone doot, even after being several hours late in serving our breakfast. This is unheard of, and also indicates that Mom's hypothesis is correct.

Hypothesis: Stress via travel discourages the buns from treating the bed like a litter box.

Development of this hypothesis began when we stopped doing PeeBed this winter, after travelling to Mima & Pops' house for Thanksgiving, Nana's wake/funeral, and Christmas all in the course of a month. Naturally, after we got comfortable again, we digressed. Taking us home for Easter was partly intended to test the hypothesis. It seems to be a confirmation.

How does everyone feel about using stress as a tactic? It worked for us when we were bonding, too. It does seem kind of mean and manipulative--scare us into loving each other, scare us into being well-behaved. But is it really that cruel?? We are so happy we have each other now, and are madly in love. And Mom doesn't want to kill us every time she comes home from work/dinner/doctor/bar, etc etc.

So, do the ends justify the means?? Or is our evil mother just trying to make excuses for torturing us?? Would love some feedback.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

Here's us dressed up as the Easter bunny:

Actually, we just went to the vet on Halloween this year, and the vet tech was wearing bun ears as her costume and insisted we try them on to see what we would look like as up-ears buns. She also kept calling Mom's boyfriend "Dad" (at this point they had been seeing each other for about six weeks), but he was a good sport about it.

Easter means we have to go to the house where Mom grew up and stay with Mima, Pops, and our Aunts Katie and Allecia. Here's who else we need to contend with while we're there:
Mean Old Cat aka Bella- Bella is not a very nice cat to the two-foots, or to Maddie, or to other cats, but she's been OK with us for some strange reason. She never comes upstairs, which is where we stay while we're there. She was introduced to Biffy outside on the deck once, and they touched noses and that was it. Still, we stay out of her space, she stays out of ours.

Big Scary Dog aka Maddie: The big scary dog actually isn't mean at all but we're scared to death of her. She's big and smells funny and makes a whole lot of noise. One time Maddie also met Biff out on the deck, and Maddie tried to get too close and Biff ran and Maddie thought it was a game and gave chase. Biff immediately ran under a table and started thumping repeatedly for about 10 minutes (I don't think I've heard him thump before or since). She also came in to our room once where we were safely in a pen and tried to smell us through the bars, and Sogna the fearful little girl gladly touched noses with her, so maybe she's not all bad. Aunt Katie says she just wants to be friends with us, but quite frankly we just don't care to find out.

PS. Mom and her boyfriend went out last night to a concert, and the opening band was called BIFFY CLYRO!!!!! Who's ever heard of ANOTHER Biffy?! Mom said they were a pretty sick band as well.