Monday, December 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmakkueidiwali!!!! (Christmas + Hanukkah + Eid + Diwali!) Sorry I've been lost in law school land and recovering there after. So said I pretty much missed the holidays in Blogland!! But I'm trying to catch up on reading all of your blogs and sharing your holidays retrospectively.

Well, this post may take a bit longer than most considering the current state of my computer. The bunnies were bad last night. Check out the latest fruits of bunstruction:

But I'm ashamed of how long it's been since my last post. Especially when I've been dying to show off these most special Christmas gifts I got this year! The first couple of gifts I'm about to show you I received during finals and shortly after, when I've been trying to catch up on day-to-day existence and haven't had time for the cyber world :(

First, I received these little beauties from Annette Tait over at the Dragon House of Yuen blog! Some of you may remember Annette made me a beautiful purse last year in a perfect image of my two beloved bunnies. I finally got around to sending out a thank-you gift this fall, and I got this beautiful Christmas gift in return! A very beautiful and unexpected surprise!!

For some reason I couldn't get a great picture of the first mini baby hare up there, but I like the second picture because it shows the beautiful fabric Annette used to make these little guys. It's also nice and soft and flannely. We were considering not getting a Christmas tree this year, but when I received these, I knew I had to get one!!

These lovely cards were also part of the gift, both made by Annette herself. The one on the right was a card for me, and the one on the left will be sent to some friend somewhere soon!!

Annette is so creative and makes beautiful things, so check out her Dragon House of Yuen etsy shop if you haven't already!

Then I received another beautiful, unexpected and undeserved gift! The picture really doesn't do it justice, but I received this beautiful, hand quilted jingle tree from Shell over at the Raspberry Rabbits!! And it looks absolutely beautiful next to my small table-top Christmas tree.

(The other decorative white tree on here is also very special to me. It's an ornament that my mom got us that says "2010 First Christmas in our New Home - Jon and Lisa.")
Shell also sent this lovely handmade Christmas card, all clean and white of course, and a set of fusion tea and chocolates!! Delicious!!!!

And the buns certainly enjoyed destroying the beautiful tissue paper Shell wrapped our gift in. The paper was so beautiful that I didn't mind leaving it on the floor for them ;)

One more gift I wanted to show you guys. You may hear me complain fairly often that I don't have enough decorative bunnies adorning my home. Well, Jon's parents were nice enough to help me change that!

This is one of two beautiful bunny bookends that I got for Christmas from Jon's parents. These little buns work arduously to keep my books on the shelf!

On one last unrelated note, thank you all so much for your well wishes for finals. Law school is kind of unique in the world of higher education in that I don't think the professors are given any deadline as to when they must submit grades. I know my professors weren't ALLOWED to submit any grades to the registrar until Dec. 22nd, when the final exam period technically ended. Then, since I attend a Catholic institution, the entire administrative staff left for vacation the next day and won't be back until Jan. 3rd. So the very earliest I can get any grades back is Jan. 3rd. One of my professors actually told us not to expect grades until at least a week or two into Spring semester, which doesn't even start until Jan. 10th! So for now I'm just trying to put these exams out of sight, out of mind.

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy holiday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go!

We're still here!!! Everybun is doing just fine, except I (the mom) have been CRAZY with finals coming up soon. I can't believe how fast the first semester has gone. And I'm nowhere near ready for finals, the first of which is in two weeks! Ahhhh!!!!
Meanwhile, the bunnies keep themselves busy and seem to take pretty darn good care of each other. Jon makes sure that dinner isn't late when I have class late, and the buns appreciate the punctuality.

I was ordering pellets for the buns, from, and saw they have these new Willow Wreaths for sale. My buns love anything willow, but these had some leaves still on them in the picture. Since my buns don't seem to share too well lately, I got them each their own.

Immediately upon my putting each box of willow wreath on the floor for them (each wreath came in its own box like the one in the picture above), each bun DOVE into their wreath! It was unbelievable, they actually LEFT their dinner for the willow wreaths. I was worried they might not like them because they were literally covered in leaves, and also the willow twigs seemed to be thinner and less dry (still green in the middle) than the willow balls/cubes/rings that they're used to. I was wrong. They loved them.

The picture above depicts what remained of the willow wreaths less than 24 hours after being presented to the buns. We give them two enthusiastic paws up. EACH! And as you can see, they're a pretty decent size, too, much bigger than I expected.

Anyway, I need to go finish packing. We are headed to Mima and Pops's house for Thanksgiving and my sister's birthday. Always a busy weekend. The buns are suspicious as I took out the carrier already to change out the hay. They're assuming the worst.

The buns have a pen at Mima's house that stays set up for them all the time although we really only go for holidays. It has foam floor mats, a cage inside the pen for privacy (or hiding from the dog if necessary), and toys and blankies which my buns have already more than sufficiently marked.

3 outfits? Check. Pajamas? Check. Toothbrush? Have one there. Bun food? Check. Stasis kit? Check. Homework? Check. ...

Happy Thanksgiving Everybun!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

:) Victory

I've never been so proud to be from Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Siamo Tutto Bene

(Title may need some explanation. There's a fairly recent movie called "Everybody's Fine." I started watching it, and realized it's almost the same as an Italian movie called "Siamo Tutto Bene", which means, Everybody's Fine! Must be either a remake or based on the same book or something).

Anyway, i just wanted to check in and let everyone know that really, everybody's fine here!

There were some ups and downs and scariness, but Biffy is all better and we (I) stopped giving him his medication on Thursday. The last few days I used a towel and it helped a lot! I'm not so good at making a secure bunny burrito, but I tried and Biff seemed nice and distracted by taking out his aggression on the towel. He chewed the towel and I really think it helped keep him calm. At some points, he'd clamp down on the towel like a baby's binky. (Get it? Binky?)

He seems to be feeling fine, although from the medication dripping down, he has a big ol' mat right at the bottom of his whiskers and it might be bothering him, I'm not sure. I'm afraid to try to cut it out for him, though.

Sogna's good too, although right around the time of stasis they both started a massive shed. So, Sunday morning, I got the old pen, locked myself in it with Sogna, and the furminator, and the brush. I was in there an HOUR with her, and she's still shedding like a beast. But I let her go, because I think an hour was quite enough for her. Then repeated with Biffy, although I wasn't in there as long with him because he doesn't shed badly, and he was done when he was done for the most part.

So now, the buns are mostly back to their studies. Midterms are this week, and the first draft of their final paper is due Sunday. Ahhhhh!!!!! (Midterms don't count, nor does the first draft, but it's a whole heck of a lot of work and it just keeps increasing...)

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Stasis Update

First of all, thank you all for your support and indispensable advice. This blogging community has been invaluable to me in more ways than one, and I feel privileged to consider myself a part of it. I honestly never would have thought I would have so many wonderful friends who I've never even met, who care so much about my bunnies, or that I would care so much about all of yours.

Biff is doing great. He's back to his normal energy level and appetite. He runs towards his food, and gave quite a chase this morning when I tried to wrangle him to give him his medication. He's even enlisted the help of the Sogna girl, who gets in between us when I try to catch him, and has been giving me so much attitude on behalf of Biff that you'd think she's the one I'm picking up and syringe feeding!

I called the vet yesterday morning, to ask how long I should continue to give him his medication, since he was already eating Saturday night. They said at least two more days.

I would like to ask for just one more piece of advice. I can't get Biffy to swallow his medication. I squirt it into his mouth, he drools it out. Of course then it gets all over him, and he spends the next hour or two cleaning himself. So I'm sure he's getting most of it into his system. Is that OK? Good enough? How do you all get your buns to lick swallow their medication when they don't want to? I thought it might help if I administered his medication with him securely on the ground, thinking maybe he's too uncomfortable to really eat anything. Of course that doesn't work, because if he's on the floor, he doesn't stay still and I can't get it into his mouth. And it's easier for him to run away. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart, and Biffers asked me to thank you for him too!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our First Emergency

My sweet little boy didn't come out of his cave for breakfast yesterday.

I tried putting his food near him, because it's unusual for him not to run for breakfast, but he pushed it away. Tried giving him an Oxbow Papaya Tablet as a treat, but he didn't take it. Parsley, no.

At first I thought maybe he just wasn't hungry, breakfast was late and encroached on naptime. But he never refused food before. And he was still pooping like a champ.

So I went out, got a pineapple to juice, a feeding syringe, and a thermometer, and came back. He was hiding under the bathroom toilet and wouldn't come out.

When I picked him up, he didn't struggle at all. I held him for several minutes without a kick. This was definitely NOT my normal healthy boy.

His temp read 99.2. I thought, that couldn't be right. So I tested the thermometer on Sogna. 102.4. So, if anything, the thermometer was giving higher readings, not lower. (Although, at our last vet visit, they told me to keep an eye on Sogna because her temp was a little high, but she was perfectly healthy. So I think she probably just runs high.)

At this point, I panic. I have no medications whatsoever in the house, because the buns have never been sick before. At least not since Sogna was in foster care.

I called the vet, who closes at 5, at about 4:30. I explained the situation, and asked whether I should wait til the morning or come in now. They said, you could get simethicone and try to get him through the night, but, "you know with rabbits, they go fast." Ahhh. Ok, will you stay open for us? We're on our way.

I packed up the whole family (Jon to drive, me, the patient and Sogna for moral support), and headed to Brooklyn. The nearest vet is 20 min away.

I'm not going anywhere.

We got there, and I tried to read the thermometer over the tech's shoulder. Looked like something in the 96's or 98's but I'm not sure. Definitely bloated in his upper GI tract, more towards his chest where I didn't think to look.

They checked his teeth to see if that was the problem, but they said his teeth looked perfectly normal. I guess his molars have somehow ground themselves down since our last visit.

So, not knowing the source, they gave him IV fluids and a Reglan injection. Sent me home with meds. Reglan and Simethicone 3x/day, critical care 4x/day, call us if it gets worse.

They said it was good that I recognized a problem, the fact that he was still pooping means that we caught it early before it got more serious. Man was it serious to me.

I'm calling the ASPCA

Biffington does NOT like to take his medication. The only thing that he doesn't seem to mind is the Reglan, I guess it's yummy. I guess part of the problem is that I have to hold him to feed him. And Biffers is NOT a bunny who likes to be picked up. He started eating last night, (not back to normal just yet), so hopefully we won't need to medicate him much longer and we can leave him alone.

So, he gets his meds and critical care, doesn't swallow them, and spends the remainder of the day cleaning the mess off of his fur, until next dose.

Biff is only 2 and a half, and has never been sick before. I know stasis can happen at any time for any reason. I guess I just thought I had more time to enjoy them being healthy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Busy

Hi There, remember us??

We've been very busy, and a little confused. Mom's always looking at books or her computer (I don't know why she didn't learn when I tried to teach her a lesson with the first computer...). Sometimes she goes to work, sometimes she doesn't go until it's almost time to come home! Also there was lots of boxes and furnitures coming in two weeks ago. Jon's mom kept saying "Oh my God, you're so CUTE! Do you know you're so cute?" Yeah, we know.

So after the big shuffling of the stuff, and all the boxes, Jon has stayed with us every single night. And we thought all the moving around was finally DONE, and we could finally settle into a routine. But apparently, Mom and Jon can't leave well enough alone.

This is our nook. You like it? Nice and close to the books to chew on.

They got some more big flat boxes from the UPS man late last week. They spent all day on Saturday playing with those darn boxes and all of the thick flat boxes inside those boxes, and screws and a hammer. They worked really hard on those boxes, (but me and Sogna work hard on our boxes, too!) all day on Saturday, and seemed pretty proud of their finished product.

They went to our Aunt Katie's house to see her new place and Big Scary Dog. We thought, they worked so hard on their project, but it's still not quite right, so we should really help them out.

When they got home, Jon looked like he was going to puke. He said something about it being expensive.

Here I am, admiring our handiwork. What do you think, looks better, right?

The Sogna girl helps me admire our handiwork. We're very please with ourselves and don't understand why Mamma and Jon are so upset.


Oh yeah, we also removed the entire corner from the carpet already! YEAH!!! Stupid Mom didn't take any pictures yet, so get excited for next time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sogna helps Mamma study! And various ramblings

First I wanted to say thanks for all the comments on my last post, especially all of BL's friends who visited, most of whom I hadn't "met" yet.

The story actually reminds me in some strange way to my favorite speech from Plato's Symposium, given by the comedian Aristophanes. It's silly but really beautiful.

Here's the gist:he explains that at one time, all people had two heads, two sets of appendages, were basically like two people stuck together, but actually one individual. At one point, Zeus got angry, as he often did, and used his lightening bolts to split each individual in two. And so we are to spend our lives, searching for our other halves. And the wholeness that we experience when we find them is called "Love."

OK, that's enough of the serious mushy stuff. Frivilous bunny picks:

My study buddy.

I don't know how it's possible for me to be so far behind. School doesn't start until Monday, yet I have eight assignments that I have been "advised" to complete by then. I've completed one, almost done with the second. Ahhhh!!!

Buns still seem very happy in their big new apartment. Desperately trying to explore the bedroom, which is off limits, and I think Biff is in love with the bathroom, but I try not to let him in there because it's a little scary. I woke up this morning to find the dirty old toilet brush that the landlord so kindly left us in the doorway of the bathroom. Who put that there!

Oh and no PeeChair since Sunday or Monday, I can't remember, but that's a good thing!

Also, I found a website that has plastic wire cover in seven or eight different colors! I bought 100 ft of white plastic pre-slit tubing for $29!!! (White SHELL, White!!!!!) and it will be much less of an eye sore than the black stuff, especially against my white walls and carpet. Let me know if you want the website.

Someone's doots smell, any thoughts? Should I be worried?

OK, long weekend ahead. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can hear RG scoff from New York...

This is a blog about Love.

I made that assertion on Valentine's Day, and I believe it is true. This post is most certainly no exception.

Before I begin, let me warn you that it may seem strange, at first, that I am writing a post about two buns loved and lost from the Houseful of Rabbits. All will be revealed in time my friends. (Yes, that's a Chili Peppers quote).

Actually, this all may just sound really strange. And you may think BL and I are completely off our rockers.

In any event, here goes:

Scooter was a big, sweet bun that BL had bought for her granddaughter. Rejected by Granddaughter's parents, he stayed with BL and RG at the Houseful of Rabbits. BL loved him very much, he would snuggle in bed with her and lick her face.

Unfortunately, Scooter was ill-fated. He contracted a debilitating parasite, and in the summer of 2005, he had to be put down to save him further suffering. BL was distraught.

(Look familiar? Just wait. Story gets stranger.)

Later, Stanley came to join the Houseful of Rabbits. He was also originally intended as a gift, for RG's daughter, but he was unhealthy so BL thought it best to keep him. He struggled with illness for most of his sweet little life.

One day, BL was snuggling with Stanley in bed, when she felt Scooter's presence there with her, reassuring her, telling her that he was OK, he was in a better place and he was no longer suffering. She was relieved, and was finally beginning to heal after the loss of Scooter.

But was it possible? Scooter and Stanley had never met in life, yet BL was sure that she had felt Scooter's energy through Stanley. Perhaps, the answer is that, although the two had never met, Scooter and Stanley were Soul Mates. Two lives intertwined. Two bodies, one spirit.

This is Stanley.

Stanley passed away in the Spring of 2008, around the same time Biffy came to live with me. Is it possible that Scooter was reborn, and that I found him in a pet shop in Manhattan? And that after Stanley had done his job of comforting BL, he passed away in order to be reborn and find his soul mate. And that Stanley was reborn as Randy/Sogna (originally thought to be a boy), only to suffer more before being dumped in a Staten Island shelter (January 2010), believed to be a lost cause and scheduled for euthanasia, rescued by a wonderful woman with the NYC Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, nursed back to health making a full (and unexpected) recovery, and later adopted?

Maybe it's just a bizarre series of coincidences. But if any of this is even possibly real, then I'm beginning to be convinced that everything happens for a reason. Two soul mates stayed apart so that Stanley would be around to help BL cope with the loss of Scooter. And Sogna's foster mom was in the right place at the right time to save her from death row. And Biff and Sogna, who bonded almost right away after meeting at the shelter on May 17th, 2009, a little over a year after Stanley's passing. (I was told at the time she was believed to be approximately a year old). And that Biff and Sogna both happened to be at the shelter that day?? Had Biff and I gone to meet does a day earlier, Sogna may not have been there. Ours was Sogna's first introduction to a potential adopter. And had we gone any later, Sogna may have gone to a different home. Or Foster Mom may have decided to keep Sogna, which she was already considering heavily. If any of these coincidences had not worked out the way they did, these soul mates may have had to wait another lifetime to finally meet.

And maybe I joined blogger so that I could meet BL, befriend her, and let he know that the souls of her boys live on in Biff and Sogna, happily ever after.

Happily Ever After, whatever their true names may be.

So, who (Besides RG) thinks BL and I are crazy???

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a Crazy Week!!!

Mom had been talking all kinds of nonsense, telling us we're going to go to a new place, and that she hopes we like it, and try to be brave.

"What is she talking about, Biffy?"
"Don't care."

After that, things got really strange. There were boxes and bags everywhere, and mom and Jon were putting all of our stuff into them!!!

"What is happening to all of our stuff, Biffy???"
"I don't know, Sogna. I'm investigating now."

We asked Mom and Jon to PLEASE stop touching our things, but they didn't listen.

Then, we thought we were going to Mima's house. But it just didn't seem right. Our stuff never had to get all messed up to go to Mima's before...

"Where are we going Biffy? I'm scared."

We had to stay in the little box for what felt like days. Then, we got put down in a big room, and let out into the little pen that lived in the closet. There was a door at the end of the room that Pops kept opening and closing, throwing in big boxes and stuff.

We had to stay in that little pen for more than 24 hours!!! Oh, the humanity!!!! Mom kept saying something about us not being safe, there was plastic and wires and something about the landlord being disgusting and leaving filth and sheetrock and paint chips all over the floor.

Friday night, we got released from jail. We ran at top speeds Mom had never seen before. And binkied!!! She thought, we must be doing ok if we were binkying!!!

Jon and Biffers enjoying the space.
Mom here:

Sogna seems happy. She's able to move about freely, not confined by any wood floors, and there's a nice maze for the buns to spend their days in safely. And the pen is still up, until the buns are comfy here.

It's much bigger and quieter than the old place. We'll always miss it there, and maybe someday we'll go back to the noisy neighborhood, but I think everyone will be ok here for awhile.

Biffy seems like his usual disapproving self.

Buns are not supposed to go in the bathroom (because it's not clean enough yet), or the bedroom (permanently, so there will be no more pee bed), but they've managed to get a good look at both already (without incident).

I do miss being able to watch them play as I fall asleep at night. And leaning over the side of the bed petting Sogna as we both fall asleep, almost every night. It doesn't feel right to not be able to know what they're up to when I wake up and when I go to sleep. But I think if PeeBed continues, Jon will leave me. OK I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me too.

Now we just need to cross our fingers that when Jon and his couch move in, PeeBed will not be modified into PeeCouch!!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

P.S. - T minus one week until school starts!!! And I just found out I need to to the first two weeks' homework in advance, even though I don't have the book yet. Wooo Hooooo wish me luck!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm back!

Hi Mom, where ya been?? -Sogna, sitting like a wild hare.

I just got back from five days in Vegas. Came home to an apartment that was pretty thoroughly trashed. Bedroom was covered in fur and doots. And the bed, of course, was also covered with doots and soaked with urine (good thing I've been covering it with a thick plastic sheet over two layers of nylon tablecloth material).

See, we know HOW to use the litter box, we just choose not to when we're angry.

Still, I was thrilled to see my sweet babies, who I'd missed like crazy all week.

Things are about to get pretty crazy around here (even crazier than usual). As soon as I get over the jet lag, I will commence a cleaning and packing frenzy. The gameplan is to move to the new place in two weeks. I will have no free weekend for cleaning/packing activities, since this weekend I was recovering (though I cleaned a little), and next weekend I have my cousin's engagement party and then bridesmaids' dress shopping on Sunday (can anyone explain WHY we would buy dresses a year before the wedding? I can almost promise it won't fit by then).

After the move, things are going to get wacky, almost right away. One week to unpack before school starts. Since classes are 6:30-10:30 pm and Mom is still working, buns will have early breakfasts, VERY late dinners, and Mom hardly ever around. Things will get somewhat back to normal when Jon moves in and can be trained to serve dinner on time.

I leave you with some pics of the cutest little baby bunny EVER!

Biff, circa 2-3 months old

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 9th of July?!

I've been meaning to post all week, but I've been really lethargic and haven't felt well. Have I mentioned that I hate pharmaceuticals?

Anyway. Happy 4th of July!!!

My poor bunnies got dragged out to my parents' house on Friday night. I was too worried about the fireworks to leave them in the city all alone.

Saturday evening, when it started to cool off, I took the buns out on the deck for some exercise. I don't know how much they really like it out there, but I didn't want them in their pen for three days straight.

Little did they know...

Little did Sogna know at the time this picture was taken that she would soon be licked by a Big Scary Dog.

Maddie really is a very good dog, and a very smart dog. But she has some telling nicknames. "The Mayor." "Inspector." and "Policedog." She just needs to inspect everyone and everything that comes inside, or even near, her home and her family.

Maddie is always trying to get near the buns. If I open the door to my room for her, she sits obediently and looks at them longingly. (She knows she's not allowed in). But they're terrified of her. As a guard dog, she's pretty noisy, and she doesn't understand a bunny's value of personal space.

When I carried Biffy inside, I stopped in the kitchen so my family could sat hi. Maddie sat down at my feet. So I let her smell him. She buried her nose in his fur, just trying to get a good sniff.

Then, when I brought Sogna in, I did the same. Sogna is slightly less afraid of Maddie. Maddie started licking her!! I don't know if Sogna liked it, she probably didn't so I whisked her away.

Maddie loves her family very much. I think she knows that Biff and Sogna are my family, and thus hers too. And she can't understand why she isn't allowed to get to know part of her family. After she was allowed to get a good look and sniff, she didn't bother the buns. She didn't try to follow me upstairs to put them away. I think she was satisfied.

Sunday we had a party to celebrate the 4th of July and my birthday. There were too many people around and it was just way too hot, so the buns had to stay in the air conditioning. They got plenty of chamomile and some fresh catnip to calm their nerves.

Then, Monday was my birthday, so we stayed a bit longer to have lunch with my family. We got on a fairly late train, to try to avoid some of the holiday train traffic. Turns out the trains were actually delayed up to 114 minutes, because of congestion from so many people getting on the train at each stop!!!

Finally, we made it home. Phew. It was a long and exhausting weekend, and the buns were happy to be home.

Pretty clear from this picture that the excessive shedding has barely slowed down. I pluck every day, and brush as often as I can actually CATCH the bunnies to brush them, but they just seem to keep shedding! It's been at least two months of ridiculously heavy shedding. I'm so tired of torturing the buns with plucking, brushing, and vacuuming. When will it end?!

That's all for now.

Have a great weekend everybunny!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not coming out...

Sogna is my perfect angel girl. Except, when I want her to go "IN"(in the bedroom, aka rabbits' primary headquarters).

What's that? You want me to go IN, you say?

Biff actually isn't bad about it. As long as I'm able to get behind him, he considers my herding/chasing him IN as a kind of game and actually binkies the whole way in, while of course shaking his head and tail at me, to make sure I know he's still annoyed.

But I have spent at least 20 minutes on more than one occasion trying to get Sogna to go IN.

I'm not coming out until you go away.

I tried to lure her with all of her favorite treats, but she wasn't budging. She had decided it was playtime.

Finally, after waving a carrot right under her nose several times, she couldn't resist anymore. Mom won this time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can someone please tell our mom to stop moving our stuff??

Hey Everybun!!! Do you like our new bed?! (note the apple branches from Potentially Crazy to the right of the bed. All the leaves were gone within 2 minutes).

Our mom said she got it so maybe from now on we can get our PeeBed kicks on our own bed, which can go in the wash, instead of hers.

Only, can someone please tell her to stop moving all our stuff around? The bed just came last week and she's already moved it four times. She says this is where it's staying, until we move.

But we're not getting too comfortable, just to be safe.

In other news, this is Biffy's latest project. Actually, digging up the wood floors under the edge of the desk was the original project, but mom put down grass mats as a diversion. So Biff's plans adjusted.

Here's a pic of the product of Biff's previous pet project, the cardboard nest at the back corner of the bed. Anyone noticing a pattern?

Get out of here MOM!!! It's KIDS ONLY down here!!!

Thanks for the well wishes on the apartment hunt. Mom signed a lease on a new apartment last weekend, so the move is now official. She says it's really nice, but of course we're still skeptical. She says it has one feature that we're going to really love!
(Hint: Starts with a C and ends with a T. And covers the floor...)

Still, we're all going to really miss this place. Biff's been here since he was just a kit, only a month or two old. Anyone have any ideas as to how to help the buns adjust? I know change can be stressful for them.

And we leave you with the obligatory grooming shot:
Everybun be well!!