Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm back!

Hi Mom, where ya been?? -Sogna, sitting like a wild hare.

I just got back from five days in Vegas. Came home to an apartment that was pretty thoroughly trashed. Bedroom was covered in fur and doots. And the bed, of course, was also covered with doots and soaked with urine (good thing I've been covering it with a thick plastic sheet over two layers of nylon tablecloth material).

See, we know HOW to use the litter box, we just choose not to when we're angry.

Still, I was thrilled to see my sweet babies, who I'd missed like crazy all week.

Things are about to get pretty crazy around here (even crazier than usual). As soon as I get over the jet lag, I will commence a cleaning and packing frenzy. The gameplan is to move to the new place in two weeks. I will have no free weekend for cleaning/packing activities, since this weekend I was recovering (though I cleaned a little), and next weekend I have my cousin's engagement party and then bridesmaids' dress shopping on Sunday (can anyone explain WHY we would buy dresses a year before the wedding? I can almost promise it won't fit by then).

After the move, things are going to get wacky, almost right away. One week to unpack before school starts. Since classes are 6:30-10:30 pm and Mom is still working, buns will have early breakfasts, VERY late dinners, and Mom hardly ever around. Things will get somewhat back to normal when Jon moves in and can be trained to serve dinner on time.

I leave you with some pics of the cutest little baby bunny EVER!

Biff, circa 2-3 months old


  1. My ex-boss had two lops who would do exactly the same as yours when she was away from home. I would stop in while she was gone to feed them and the kitchen and living room would be littered with poop overnight.

    Biff's baby pics are just adorable; I especially love his expression in the bottom pic. :)

  2. Sweet bunnies! Okay, naughty bunnies. But they missed you.

    Regarding the dress, can you get it a little large and then have it tailored to fit when you get nearer the date you'll need it? I love my tailor, and my very favorite skirt is one I bought too big (since it was the smallest they had) and had fitted just for me. Best use of my clothing budget ev-ah.

  3. Sweet bunnies, sorry they were so naughty while you were away. Hope everything goes well with the move

  4. Oooo..naughty but cute bunnies!
    Good luck getting ready for the move. Always so much work. Ick.
    Hope the buns love their new place.

  5. Ah! This exlains the extra-dootiness following my weekend away! Monday morning breakfast time had Silver flopping her ears so much I thought she'd get dizzy and fall over. Morning is our special time that doesn't get interupted.

    Sanity and weddings don't go together. You are expecting a paradox, it aint gonna happen.

  6. Ah, naughty little bunnies!

    Squee!!! BABY BUNNY PHOTO!!!! So so cute :) I really wish I had Mario when he was a baby. But I think I would have squeezed him to death.

  7. Wow! You really do have your work cut out for you. When do you plan on fitting in the time for groveling before the bunnies, to make up for all the neglect? Just kidding of course, but I don't think bunnies would take to well to having it pointed out that they are lucky to have you!

  8. Cute baby pics! what a face. How are you going to move? all these human activities, I mean bunnies look great all the time, they don't need to dress up.....

  9. How adorable. You need a BL to tidy things up and take care of everyone while you are working so hard and traveling. The little ones are just too adorable. What is cuter than a baby bunny? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

  10. Oh, little baby lop! Must squeeze...
    Good luck with all your upcoming packing, moving and school. Hugs to your bunnies.

  11. Oh, those bunnies are happy dey momma is back.