Friday, July 31, 2009

That's more like it.

Now all is right with the world.

Is He Kidding Me?!?!

Biff, we all know who does the grooming in this relationship. And it's you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Furry Butts Fursday

In Memory of Hans. RIP.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lop Love

Move Over, Biffy!

I'm Sogna, and this is MY BLOG TOO!!!

I had a pretty rough start at life. I used to live someplace where nobody really took care of me. I had to live in my own filth, and wasn't fed properly. Here's what my feet looked like when I was rescued:

Pretty ugly, huh?

The sore hocks were so bad, they had to amputate one of my back toes, and it was a few months before all my foot fur grew back. There's some calcification of the tendons in my other foot, but other than that, I'm good as new!

No wonder I get so nervous!!!

Anyway, my foster mom took good care of me, so that one day Biff and Lisa could come find me and I could have a new mom.

Now, Biffy and I are in love. he protects me from anything scary, and lets me put my face in his side whenever I want. Even when he's grooming. Or eating. Or trying to play. We are now snuggle bunnies.

My foster mom named me Sonja, but my new mom wanted to spell it Sogna, to resemble the Italian word "sogno", which means dream. She says its because I'm the perfect pet. A dream come true, if you will.

Can't wait to tell you more about my happy new life with my husbun, Biff!!

Hi! I'm Biff. This is my blog.

::Nose Nudge::

Hi! I'm Biff, and this is my blog. Mom and I thought that we should start out with the story of how we all came to be together.

It all started when I was just a little baby bun. I was in a scary place, with lots of small animals, and it smelled funny. People were staring at me and saying things like "OMGGGG They're so cute!!!" I was in a very small cage with my fully agouti sibiling.

A girl walked up and immediately said to this guy, "They have lops!!! Can we get a lop?" The girl would be my mom, and the guy my dad. My mom wanted the agouti, but my dad said "but this one has all the colors!!!!!" She said since he was buying, he got to decide. And that was how I came to live with my mom. They named me Biff. Not after back to the future, and not after Death of a Salesman (Although it's a great play). No, I'm named after the title character in Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. My mom says it's the most hilarious book she's ever read. I don't know how books can be funny. I think they're chewy, mostly.

It took her awhile to figure out how to treat me right, and at first I was a daddy's boy all the way. They quickly learned that the cage they bought me was too small, and that rabbits need to eat hay (Dumb two-foots. Were they trying to kill me?)

Mom did lots of reading, and pretty soon she started taking really good care of me, and let me free range (even though I like to pee on her bed :-x ...head wobble!!)

My momma loved me alot and loved all the time she spent with me, but soon realized that I needed more attention than she could give me. She's a young lady, and was tired of having a 9:00 curfew (Whenever she worked late or went out with friends, I'd pee on the bed... hmmph!!)

So on Saturday, May 17th, we took a long scary journey to a place far far away that my mom called Harlem. We went to a big building that smelled real funny and sounded like lots and lots of dogs barking. There were a few ladies there who said I was going to meet some girl buns.

When the first girl came out, mommy whispered to me, "Ooohh Biffy we like this one." The blonde lady said this was her first date. She was beautiful, and a lop like me, but seemed pretty scared. I kept trying to approach her, maybe make some conversation, but after we touched noses she'd just run away. She did eat, so maybe she did like me too?

She came home with us that day, and mom set her up in a cage next to mine. At first, I really didn't like her. She took half the attention that used to be all mine, and I couldn't be free range anymore, at least for awhile. I was very upset and would bite my mom whenever she'd try to pet me.

...but after a week, we fell in LOP LOVE!