Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are all kind of bummed out. Our friend Shannon is going far far away this afternoon.

Shannon has been Mommy's best friend for a very long time now. Some things happened, and Shannon decided rather suddenly to wait out the next 10 months not in New York, as planned, but in San Diego. In February, she will leave San Diego for grad school in Australia.

Mommy is heartbroken. She know it is good for Shannon, but Shannon was Mommy's very best friend and her only close friend left in New York. Everyone else seems to have dissipated.

Mommy spent the night at Mima and Pops' house last night, to say goodbye to Shannon and go to an early doctor's appointment today. She came home very sad this morning.

This is how we comforted her:

This picture implies that Biff is the most guilty party, but it's deceptive.

Yep. That's about 6 feet worth of Yesterday's News, newspapers that used to line the bottom, and hay, pulled way out of the litterbox. Eat your heart out Sir Harrington.
Guilty as sin, she hides behind her braver cohort.
This is how the Sogna deals with any kind of confrontation.

Side Note: You may notice that the litter box used to be next to the maze, not behind it. Well, the bunnies informed Jon and I that they had decided that there should be a litter box back there. (I think you know what I mean). So we moved it.

Additional Side Note: Is a cardboard box a building under (1) the ordinary meaning of the word, or (2) the definition in the N.Y. burglary statute: "a building, in addition to its ordinary meaning, is any structure, vehicle or watercraft used for overnight lodging of a person, for carrying out business therein, or as an elementary or secondary school"? How about if that cardboard box belonged to a homeless man who slept in it even when it rained and snowed? Does it matter that the resident is now deceased? I have to argue that it is a building. Oral argument is this Sunday in front of a panel of attorney-judges, who will have an opportunity to interrogate me for up to five minutes. Paper is due a week from Friday.

Good news on the academic front: I will be a part-time intern at the Kings County (better known as Brooklyn) District Attorney's office this summer. Three nights 6-11 in the complaint room, which is where I will be writing up indictments for whoever happens to get arrested on that unfortunate evening.