Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not coming out...

Sogna is my perfect angel girl. Except, when I want her to go "IN"(in the bedroom, aka rabbits' primary headquarters).

What's that? You want me to go IN, you say?

Biff actually isn't bad about it. As long as I'm able to get behind him, he considers my herding/chasing him IN as a kind of game and actually binkies the whole way in, while of course shaking his head and tail at me, to make sure I know he's still annoyed.

But I have spent at least 20 minutes on more than one occasion trying to get Sogna to go IN.

I'm not coming out until you go away.

I tried to lure her with all of her favorite treats, but she wasn't budging. She had decided it was playtime.

Finally, after waving a carrot right under her nose several times, she couldn't resist anymore. Mom won this time.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can someone please tell our mom to stop moving our stuff??

Hey Everybun!!! Do you like our new bed?! (note the apple branches from Potentially Crazy to the right of the bed. All the leaves were gone within 2 minutes).

Our mom said she got it so maybe from now on we can get our PeeBed kicks on our own bed, which can go in the wash, instead of hers.

Only, can someone please tell her to stop moving all our stuff around? The bed just came last week and she's already moved it four times. She says this is where it's staying, until we move.

But we're not getting too comfortable, just to be safe.

In other news, this is Biffy's latest project. Actually, digging up the wood floors under the edge of the desk was the original project, but mom put down grass mats as a diversion. So Biff's plans adjusted.

Here's a pic of the product of Biff's previous pet project, the cardboard nest at the back corner of the bed. Anyone noticing a pattern?

Get out of here MOM!!! It's KIDS ONLY down here!!!

Thanks for the well wishes on the apartment hunt. Mom signed a lease on a new apartment last weekend, so the move is now official. She says it's really nice, but of course we're still skeptical. She says it has one feature that we're going to really love!
(Hint: Starts with a C and ends with a T. And covers the floor...)

Still, we're all going to really miss this place. Biff's been here since he was just a kit, only a month or two old. Anyone have any ideas as to how to help the buns adjust? I know change can be stressful for them.

And we leave you with the obligatory grooming shot:
Everybun be well!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The week in pictures...

Hi Everybun! Thought we'd show you what we've been doing all week...

"Staring Contest"
(Mom died laughing when she saw us sitting like this)

Sogna manages to get Biff to reciprocate some groomins

Interrupted again
"Oh Hi Mom"

Back to business

Also, Mom wanted to show you a picture of how nice and trim we are keeping our new grass snack, but for some reason it keeps uploading all tiny :-/ Oh well.

Mom's off to look at some apartments in Queens, closer to where she's starting school in August. Please wish her luck, and remind her that the move will be stressful enough for us without her picking some crap hole place.

Everybun have a Bunderful weekend!!!