Saturday, June 12, 2010

The week in pictures...

Hi Everybun! Thought we'd show you what we've been doing all week...

"Staring Contest"
(Mom died laughing when she saw us sitting like this)

Sogna manages to get Biff to reciprocate some groomins

Interrupted again
"Oh Hi Mom"

Back to business

Also, Mom wanted to show you a picture of how nice and trim we are keeping our new grass snack, but for some reason it keeps uploading all tiny :-/ Oh well.

Mom's off to look at some apartments in Queens, closer to where she's starting school in August. Please wish her luck, and remind her that the move will be stressful enough for us without her picking some crap hole place.

Everybun have a Bunderful weekend!!!


  1. Hey you two sillies. You look just fabulous. All the groomin is paying off. I hope your mom has good luck looking for an apartment and avoids the "crap holes" LOL

  2. No crap holes allowed. What kind of school is mom going to?
    You two are adorable giving each other kisses.

  3. Good for you with school!
    You need to go in under your profile and edit it so that I can reply to your email (unless you don't want to) Put your email address in there and that way when you leave me a comment I can reply back to you directly. :)

  4. good luck Lisa on your apartment seeking - think good thoughts of it and it will present itself to you :)
    love the staring contest!!

  5. We loved the staring contest! Who won?

  6. Why wouldn't you stare at each other? You are both so cute!

  7. It's not staring, it's the look of luv. :D

    Good luck with the apartment hunting!