Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are very happy to be home. Biff is dreaming wildly (his whole face moves and body leans back and forth when he's dreaming). Sogna is just enjoying the space. We are happy bunnies :)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are not thankful to be stuck in a cage at Mima's. But we will be very thankful when we can go home.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Study Time

While Momma was studying...

Biffy built a nest.

Doesn't he look proud of himself?

(First final is 12/6. Madness has ensued.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Butt-Twitchin' Good

Every now and again the bunnies are treated to some naners with their breakfast.Align Center

They enjoy their naners very much.

Sogna eats hers off the plate like a lady.

Biff prefers to remove his to the carpet.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Happy Tocktober!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey All,

No bunny pics today (since my computer is dead as a doornail, did I mention that?), I'm just stopping in to see if anyone might be interested in signing this petition calling for an overhaul of NYC's high-volume, high-kill animal shelter system.

See you soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Configuration: Survey Says...

A half of a maze... still better than...

A whole cottontail cottage.

(our condolences to those who lost or suffered)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that I just spoke to Shell over at the Raspberry Rabbits and she and her family and the bunnies are all OK.

Despite mass destruction in their area, they managed to get through it.

She will be without power for at least another day, and has been busy helping friends who have been less fortunate, (would you expect any less from Shell?) but said she will try to get back on the blogs soon and update everyone!!!

I'll leave the rest for her!

Monday, August 29, 2011

No Harm, No Foul

Just wanted to stop in for a minute to let you all know that we came through the storm just fine. No damage to Mima and Pops' house at all, it seems. Our neighbors lost power but we didn't.

We should be heading back home to Queens any moment now (whenever Pops finishes getting ready... ). I called the building and they say the power is on and there is no damage.

Jon's rescheduled flight home from New Orleans (he was scheduled to fly back last night, that was cancelled on Friday, so he left early this morning) seems to be going ahead as scheduled, so hopefully he will come home and fix the wireless router soon :-p Seriously though, we missed him tremendously.

I've already heard and read a lot of people bitching that they were inconvenienced and forced to evacuate because of a "massive overreaction" by politicians just to "cover their asses." I would like to point out that weather is, by nature, unpredictable. Failure to "Cover their asses" in the past has meant the difference between a storm and a catastrophe.

Can't stop thinking of a certain friend of ours in NC. Our hearts are with her and her family. We continue to wait for a sign that she's ok.

Hope everyone and everybun came through the weekend OK.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Updates, and Our New Friend Spike

Hi Friends! We've missed you!

The Sogna has been doing fabulously since "the scare," she ate her breakfast the next morning and has been fine since.

We were in almost exactly the same scenario with Biff on Tuesday, perhaps a bit more frightening: He refused to eat dinner, and seemed sick and uncomfortable until breakfast the next morning. Biff has also been fine ever since, if disgruntled about syringe feeding.

The rascals beg for their morning slice of apple... AFTER they've already had their morning slice of apple. You can see Biff is just outside the kitchen.

The Sogna continues her wild digging extra curriculars, and nothing we can do to change her setup seems to curb the damage. She is currently able to fling litter box contents approximately six feet which is actually quite impressive in my humble opinion. I have ordered a screen from that sits directly on top of the litter (not raised in the box) and is supposed to stop her from digging and also make it easier to conserve litter. I worry about her history of sore hocks, though, so if I see any signs of irritation on her feet I will throw the screen out immediately.

The cardboard box next to the overflow box is a new element I just added today. The litter box system just keeps evolving. But I doubt it will work. (Yes, I did dismantle the bottom level of the Maze Haven. It looked like an earthquake had hit it.)

Now for something completely unrelated.

This is Spike:

I read on the NYC Buns listserv that someone had posted to Craig's List that there were domestic rabbits all over a Queens park. I got in touch with one of the rabbit rescue volunteers who lives in Queens, and we decided to go on a trapping mission. She had gotten in touch with the original Craig's List poster and they went together on a Saturday, and had successfully trapped two Californians and discovered one body, in a matter of 30 minutes or so. (Two weeks ago it was very hot, so we suspect heat stroke). The next day, on a Sunday, she was in touch with park staff and they confirmed that there were still more buns in the park. So we went out there.

We found Spike more easily than I thought we would, as the park was thick with brush. We spent about an hour chasing him through the brush carrying x-pens in 90 degree heat. When Spike was ready, she just hopped into the open carrier of her own accord. While we were there a man and his young daughter came by with a Californian on a harness that they had said that they had caught quite easily in the same park. We tried educating him, but he didn't seem to want to hear it. We had thought that there had been another bun in the brush, but it was hard to tell whether it was the same rabbit since they were all Californians.

Spike had pretty severe mites, and an eye infection. Ticks are still being pulled off of her. I had wanted to bring her home to foster her, if only for the weekend, but Jon would have thrown me out of the house if I brought home another bunny. But she is being well taken care of at the shelter. In our last update from the park staff, we were told that there were no more rabbits spotted except one more body.

So, grand totals: Three buns taken to the rescue. One caught by the man and the little girl. Two succumbed to heat stroke. All Californians, all of adult size, all quite tame. None spotted before a couple weeks ago. What other conclusion can be drawn except someone dumped six helpless, domestic rabbits in the park?? Pretty disturbing, but at least four of them survived. Send your bunnies a hug on behalf of these poor little guys.

Back to school on Monday. Dreading it with all my heart.

Hope everyone and everybun is well and comfortable and beating the heat.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sogna is FINE!

After a most terrifying night...

I woke up this morning and Sogna was behaving perfectly normally. Eating normally, temp is normal to the touch, and switching between moving about and stretching out comfortably.

I hate to speak too soon, and I am staying home today to monitor, and recover myself, but thank goodness it seems like it was "just" a little gas.

Sogna in Stasis

I walked in the door at about 12:45 a.m., after working two jobs and a total of 14 hours today.

I gobble down a slice of pizza and get the bunnies' nightly treat of one papaya tablet each as fast as I can, because I'm eager to get to bed and get a little sleep before work in the morning. Usually the buns hear the container from anywhere and come running before I even leave the kitchen.

Biff was waiting for it underfoot. When I sat down to give it to them, I realized Sogna wasn't climbing into my lap. So I gave a most anxious Biffy his, and went to bring the Sogna's treat to her, thinking she was probably hard at work in the litter box.

Still, it's not like Sogna to fail to come running to food immediately.

...and she wasn't in the litter box.

I found the Sogna camped out in her tent, and she wasn't leaving. I tried to give her her treat.

She refused.


I've always speculated that it's because of her year of starvation: Sogna does not refuse food. Ever. Until recently she wouldn't even take breaks eating dinner.

Couldn't coax her out.

Finally, I was scared enough to move the tent.

Chased her around the apartment to take her temperature.

Exactly 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after the "chase" should have warmed her. Sogna tends to run high. 103-104 is normal for her.

I should have known something was wrong by the way Biffy is acting. Completely out of sorts. Following me around like my shadow, attached to my ankle: "Mom! Help her!"

I gave her 1 cc of simethicone and approx 5 cc of lukewarm water. Also brushed her somewhat but she was becoming very stressed. Will start with critical care tomorrow if necessary, and I'm emailing the vet right now to find out how long Reglan will keep. If the stuff from October is still good I will give her some of that too.

I'm so exhausted I'm borderline incoherent. Is there anything I should be doing to contain this situation that I'm forgetting??? Should I turn off the air conditioner in the bunnies' room? Our AC is not on a thermostat, there is a unit with a low, medium, high dial. currently set on low which pretty much feels just like medium. It is somewhat chilly.

I have had one of the most difficult weeks at my day job that I have ever had. Too exhausted to think.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're sorry... we can't stop blogging about digging

Hey All!!!

We feel bad for not updating you sooner to let you know that we did just fine 4th of July weekend, being left alone. On the 4th, after Jon and I returned home, we were actually able to see lots of fireworks all across the horizon from our 17th floor apartment, and none were close enough to be loud enough to scare the buns.

The buns pretty much looked like this when we got back, not disturbed in the least:

In other news, we replaced our litter boxes with a covered litter box. The idea was not so much to prevent digging, but a wishful thinking that the Sogna wouldn't be able to literally gut this one and empty it all over the floor like she was doing with the old one.

We were not so lucky.

Jon got clever and decided to install an "overflow" box to catch the litter box contents that Sogna removes from the litter box proper.

Sogna digs in there too.

In fact, the mostly-empty box seems to have diverted most of Sogna's digging attentions. So actually, the new litter box is a relative success quite by accident.

Biff prefers to observe digging activities from a safe distance. He knows by know what happens if he stands too close (litter box contents dumped on his head several times recently).

And by the way, the bunnies have shown me their opinion of celery, by not touching it whatsoever.

(The bowl from which Biffy IS eating contains our daily shared portion of 1/4 cup of Oxbow pellets).

We hope you have all been well and are enjoying your summer. Hopefully we'll be around more in the next few weeks. Only three weeks left of my internship! And only four until I go back to school :-/

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Love Our Chair!

This is what I saw when I got home from my internship at 12:37 am Thursday night/Friday morning.

The bunnies love furniture, but they have the notion in their head that they're not alone. It was a surprise when I walked over and they remained there and allowed me to pet their heads, instead of jumping down and running to hide.

(Side note: Note the HRS Journal and the Astronomy magazine on the table, with the bunny nibble marks? Guess whose is whose).

Tomorrow morning Jon and I will be leaving to go to my parents' for approximately 24 hours to celebrate the holiday and my birthday (Tuesday). We still haven't decided whether to take the bunnies or to let them stay home. If they stay here, I will leave two large bowls of water, serve an early dinner for the evening, and Monday's breakfast, which they will probably devour before dinner time even rolls along.

Part of me is a worry wart and says something will happen and I won't be here to take care of them. Part of me says I should let them stay for two reasons: First, they will unfortunately have to go to my parents' house next weekend for my cousin Jeana's wedding, and it would be inhumane of me to take them in the car two weekends in a row (according to them). Second, I believe there will be fewer scary fireworks in this urban environment than out in the land of backyards and cul de sacs.

What do you think I should do? What is the maximum duration that you will leave your rabbit(s) unattended?

Otherwise, everything is going well over here. Mommy is tired, Biffy is shedding, Sogna is gutting the litterbox. We are headed to Target today to get them one of those covered kitty litter boxes.

We wish you all a Bunderful 4th of July!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apple Branches!i

Not too many apple trees grow here in Queens. Even if they did, I probably wouldn't feed anything grown in the city to my bunnies, considering the kind of air those plants have been breathing.

But we LOVE apple branches!

And the ones we've bought places and online just don't have the same appeal as the real deal.

So we were very excited to hear that our friend Alice over at Potentially Nervous found a new batch of apple branches near her new West Coast home!

The box arrived in the mail Monday night. When I got home from my internship at 1am last night, I cracked open the box. I was nervous. These were much slimmer than the ones we had gotten last time. Would the buns still be interested?

I offered a fistful on the floor, then held one out to Biffy.

He ate it like a piece of spaghetti (or in rabbit terms, a piece of hay).

When I got up this morning, only remnants were left over. So I replenished.

Biffy prefers me to hold out each piece for him, and when they get too small to be of much interest to him, he throws them around like a toy.

And Sogna? She doesn't care. She just wants to eat! In true Sogna form.
(I did not weave the heart-shaped basket in the photo above. It's made of willow. I bought it over a year ago, but for some reason they only chewed the top off of it then never touched it again).

I think this is a great fiber-rich snack/toy, especially these days when shedding season is in full swing. While Sogna sheds heavily and almost constantly, she gets "feathers," so I know when she needs some de-furring. In fact, we call her a ragamuffin. And she's pretty cooperative about being petted, plucked, and tolerates some brushing in very small doses with lots of pets mixed in.

Biff on the other hand... you would never know just by looking at him that he's shedding in the least. But run your hand over his body (if he'll let you, he's more of a head/face-scratch kind of bun), and clumps of fur come out. Seems like they come out of nowhere. I tried to brush him this morning because he needs it desperately. The mission was a massive failure. For my efforts I will go to work trying to explain away four deep, parallel gashes on my collarbone.

Hope everyone is staying cool.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Where have we been?!

We're back! Jon and I had a wonderful trip. We took some great pictures, but I seem to have misplaced the adapter to plug the camera into the computer to upload pictures, so I can't show you any.

The Sogna was a perfect angel at Mima and Pops' house, and didn't dig in the litter box once. She has since resumed her usual activities. As some of you predicted, Sogna did win the hearts of my parents. How can you not love a bunny who sits at the door of an 8 foot x-pen all day for someone to come and pet her?? I'm told Biff was increasingly aloof as the week went on, and didn't really let anyone pet him for that whole week. Even after we brought the bunnies back home, it took him a couple of days for him to return to his normal (still grumpy) self.

It has been WILD ever since we got back. We returned on May 27th, and I'm only just getting back onto the blogosphere now! I started my internship the week after we returned, and now in addition to my day job, I intern from 6 or 7 until midnight. That alone would be incredibly exhausting, but on top of that the volume of work at the day job has gotten RIDICULOUS!

Less than a week after we got back, and Jon came home from work to find this:
Now I know my posts are getting a little bit redundant with all the bunstruction, but what happened here is kind of amazing. In case you can't tell, that stuff all over the floor in the entrance to our apartment in the above picture is Yesterday's News litter. And shoes. Both litter and shoes are kept securely in the closet to the right of the door.

Notice anything unusual?

The closet door is not open.

The door doesn't quite close properly, and you can see the weight on the floor is there to make sure the rabbits don't wedge their faces between the door and the wall and push it open. They must have squirmed their way in there, torn up the bag of litter, and somehow dug out each and every bit of the litter, and dragged out the shoes, getting them past this big door obstacle in their way.

Mind boggling, isn't it? Are you impressed yet?

I am SO sorry that I have neglected all of my blog reading with all of the madness at work lately, although I'm sure it has hurt me more than it has hurt you. I'm going to go try to start catching up now.

Hope you have all been doing fabulously well!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Sognaversary!!!!

Hey all! How are ya?!

I have been a terrible blogger. I was holed up in the library for three weeks studying for finals, and spent the last week working as much as possible and catching up on "life." Still not fully caught up, but getting there.

Tuesday was a very special day for us, and I'm sorry this post comes late. Tuesday was Sogna's second anniversary with Biff and I. It has been two incredible years, and we really can't imagine our lives without her. This was a day to reflect on how far she's come in her recovery. (Recovery from what? Sogna was a severe neglect case and was almost put down. For more information, see our 2nd ever blog post). Her splay leg hardly even splays anymore, she moves more quickly and gracefully every day, and she's no longer so fearful of strangers.

Here's how the Sogna celebrated her special day:

Being a destructobun, of course! This is Sogna on our Sognaversary, no more than one hour after I changed the litter boxes. Can you see her in there?

And of course...
Birthday naners!!! I've realized both bunnies' butts twitch when they're nomming up some serious naners, but Sogna's is more noticeable. It's hilarious! Any speculation as to why?

Here's the destructobun progress as of today:

Yup. She's possessed.

Also, April was a very lucky month for me. I won not one, but TWO bloggers' giveaways!

The first was the lovely Periwinkle, from Donna Swan of the Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings! (
This picture doesn't do her justice, Periwinkle is absolutely beautiful. Donna is an incredible jewelry artist, and I am so lucky to have won two of her giveaways this year. (Dot likes me!) Check out her etsy shop!

Periwinkle is playing on top of a ball of rose quartz. Rose quartz is said to promote feelings of self-esteem and well-being, which was something I really needed in the midst of the huge psychoemotional strain that is law school finals. So Periwinkle came with me to study every day! Thanks Periwinkle, for being a great study buddy! And thank you Donna, for sending dear little Periwinkle! I love her!

Then, a giveaway I didn't even KNOW I won, because I was so far deep into finals at the time of the drawing that I wasn't able to read the blogs!!

These super cute books from Shell May of the Raspberry Rabbits!! (

These books are cute, silly, fun, and best of all, sarcastic! They provided a much needed distraction, and an even more needed chuckle, in the midst of a really rough couple of weeks.

Thank you so much, Shell!! And congratulations to Shell again on her recent adoption of Lady Hannah Goldenhare!!! Bonding with her bunny Sir Harrington was an instant success, and we could not be happier for her.

I know we just came back, but we will be taking another, hopefully briefer hiatus from blogging for the next week. Jon and I are going to the Bahamas! It will be our first vacation alone together, and Jon says we both need it.

I am sad about leaving my beloved rascals, especially because our fantastic small animal certified vet-tech bunny sitter extraordinaire does not come out to Queens. So, the bunnies will be going to their Mima and Pops' house today, where I have doubled the size of the x-pen we had there. I wrote out some lengthy care instructions, and I know Biff and Sogna will at least be fed properly.
Now let's cross our fingers our sweet little monsters get some pettins' this week!
My family is a little afraid of them, which is just kind of weird to me.

Hope everyone has been well these past few weeks. Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are all kind of bummed out. Our friend Shannon is going far far away this afternoon.

Shannon has been Mommy's best friend for a very long time now. Some things happened, and Shannon decided rather suddenly to wait out the next 10 months not in New York, as planned, but in San Diego. In February, she will leave San Diego for grad school in Australia.

Mommy is heartbroken. She know it is good for Shannon, but Shannon was Mommy's very best friend and her only close friend left in New York. Everyone else seems to have dissipated.

Mommy spent the night at Mima and Pops' house last night, to say goodbye to Shannon and go to an early doctor's appointment today. She came home very sad this morning.

This is how we comforted her:

This picture implies that Biff is the most guilty party, but it's deceptive.

Yep. That's about 6 feet worth of Yesterday's News, newspapers that used to line the bottom, and hay, pulled way out of the litterbox. Eat your heart out Sir Harrington.
Guilty as sin, she hides behind her braver cohort.
This is how the Sogna deals with any kind of confrontation.

Side Note: You may notice that the litter box used to be next to the maze, not behind it. Well, the bunnies informed Jon and I that they had decided that there should be a litter box back there. (I think you know what I mean). So we moved it.

Additional Side Note: Is a cardboard box a building under (1) the ordinary meaning of the word, or (2) the definition in the N.Y. burglary statute: "a building, in addition to its ordinary meaning, is any structure, vehicle or watercraft used for overnight lodging of a person, for carrying out business therein, or as an elementary or secondary school"? How about if that cardboard box belonged to a homeless man who slept in it even when it rained and snowed? Does it matter that the resident is now deceased? I have to argue that it is a building. Oral argument is this Sunday in front of a panel of attorney-judges, who will have an opportunity to interrogate me for up to five minutes. Paper is due a week from Friday.

Good news on the academic front: I will be a part-time intern at the Kings County (better known as Brooklyn) District Attorney's office this summer. Three nights 6-11 in the complaint room, which is where I will be writing up indictments for whoever happens to get arrested on that unfortunate evening.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make Mine Chocolate... Or Moss!

I don't think I need to explain the meaning of "Make Mine Chocolate" to anyone who reads this blog. Nor do I need to enumerate the dangers of buying rabbits for Easter. And the need to educate anyone you can about those dangers.

I am a big supporter of "Make Mine Chocolate," even having bought an Easter bunny myself 3 years ago.

But what about "Make Mine Moss"?

I got this in the mail from Jon's parents today. Isn't he cute? It's a little moss-covered bunny with an Ivy plant growing around him.

(Yeah, I know my jade plant looks badly. I'm not happy about that.)

Isn't he cute! He needs a name. He did come in a nice little terra cotta pot but I wanted to keep him in the plastic to minimize leakage and with the box holding him upright.

I checked the toxic houseplant list right away, (, and Ivy IS toxic to rabbits, so this little rabbit was moved into the bedroom.

I hope I don't kill him!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vet Kitty Says: "Your Blood Test Was Positive... for Apples"

Ok, so it's kind of a running joke about the apples. We've discovered the bunnies LOVE apple. Love might not be a strong enough word. I think junkie is a more appropriate word, and the bunnies exhibit what's similar to a junkie's drug seeking behavior. Once they have a taste, they're checking every corner of the apartment for more, and Biffy will bite at my ankles thinking that will get him some more. (It doesn't. I cut the apples into eighths, and then cut each eighth into four - so, 32nds? - and they can have one of those each morning).

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your reassuring words of support. It's so wonderful to have this little virtual community of bunny people to turn to in times of need. I value you all more than you know.

It went well at the vet on Saturday. When we got there, there was a big green bird loose behind the reception desk! Maybe an eclectus? Then, when they took Jon and the bunnies into the exam room while I was in the human litterbox, Jon said a ferret ran into the room to check out our family and make sure we could stay!

The vet said that whatever the problem had been with Sogna's eye, it seems to have resolved itself. She gave me some eyedrops to keep around in case we run into a problem at a later date.

She also suggested we follow up on Sogna's bloodwork. I think that I mentioned that we took a blood test when we were there for our annual visit in May. What most of you didn't know is that Sogna's came out abnormal. Her liver values were slightly elevated. At the time, the vet assured me that she has seen those values before, and that she's never seen them become a problem. She said those values are very slightly out of the normal range, and 3x those values would be cause for concern. Based on what she told me, and some research I did, it seems that many of the elements of neglect can affect a rabbit's liver, including unsanitary condition, improper feeding, malnutrition, and infection (each of which poor Sogna experienced before she was rescued). Of course, being the way I am, I asked her what we should do about it. She said, we'll just follow up with another test the next time I bring the bunnies in. If the values weren't decreasing, (which she suspected they would be), then we would start thinking about further testing at that point.

So on Saturday, we took another blood test, since we were there, to re-test Sogna's liver values. I got a voicemail from the vet yesterday morning, letting me know that the results were back, and that everything looks "Fabulous"!!! So we were thrilled and everybunny got an extra carrot last night.

Sogna says, "Look at me! How could anybun be more OK than I?"

So, after the blood test and eyedrops, we went back to the front to pay. Vet kitty, also pictured above, came running across the receptionist's keyboard to greet me!! The receptionist said vet kitty just craves attention desperately. I couldn't stop petting her and she couldn't stop purring. I didn't get the greatest pictures, but she was super cute, wagging her tail so hard that it was slapping on the front of the receptionist's counter, and laying across the counter, hugging it, so happy to have a new person around to pet her.

Vet Kitty, supervising her staff. Note the tail.

On an unrelated note, I had intended to include the pictures below in my post about gifts, but thought I lost the pictures. Granted, I self-gifted these to myself as an end-of-semester/Christmas/New Years gift. They're from The Qi Papers skreened shop, which you can find at D. Moll is really an incredible artist, and now you can wear her prints!

The light is terrible in this picture. It's the dutch and white bunnies from D. Moll's "Two from Nottingham" print, and it says "2011: Year of the Rabbit" beneath the picture. Of course one needs a t-shirt to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! And I love the color of this one, it's a sage green, but you can get these t-shirts in just about any color under the sun.

Again, the light is terrible in this picture, but this long-sleeved t-shirt is a really nice soft eggplant purply color. It's amazingly soft organic cotton. It's D. Moll's Moku Hanga print depicting Harriet, everyone's favorite mittened bun, and next to the print it says: "Harriet Wanted for Theft Suspected of Stealing Mittens from Kittens."

OK. That's enough advertising. Go check it out for yourself!

Everybun be well.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Update: (or Sorry for the Lack Thereof)

I was hoping to do a more official post, but we went to the vet on Saturday and you haven't heard anything from me, and that's kind of not cool. So, I just wanted to let you know, everybunny's FINE.
Siamo tutto bene!
Legitimate post is forthcoming (I hope).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Uh oh... Back to the Vet

Last night I noticed it looked like Sogna's eye was running. All down her cheek. I picked her up to try to show Jon, and when I tried to touch it to feel the consistency, she freaked out. "Maybe it's just because she doesn't like being held."

Thinking I was panicking over nothing, I decided to leave her be over night, and see how it looked in the morning, thinking, maybe Biffy just licked her eye when his mouth was still wet from the greens.

After a pretty sleepless night for me, her eye looked just the same in the morning. I was petting her, and tried to touch it again. She jerked her head away and ran, but I got to feel it: Hard and dry.

I'm not sure if she's jerking her head away because it's sensitive, or because she doesn't like being touched there. Could be either or both.
We're going to the vet Saturday afternoon. Please keep all paws crossed it's not an abscess. My little angel girl does not deserve that after all she's been through and how strong she's been. And after the tremendous recovery she's made in the past two years.

That's all for now. Everyone and everybun try to stay well.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry I've been absent for quite awhile! I've had a lot going on. Finals in 6 weeks? Really??

I'm ashamed that I waited so long to blog this one, but I recently(kind of!) won the February giveaway over at the Lavender Rabbits!!! YAY!!! I was so excited to receive my beautiful gift.
(picture removed)

Another super cute bunny stamp on the reverse of the package, and another giftie for Biff and Sogna!!! I've actually bought these exact cookies from Bunny Bytes before, and they're a big favorite among my buns! If you haven't shopped at the Bunny Bytes online store before, check it out. They have some great handmade toys, often creative variations on Busy Bunny products, always tested and approved by their own four bunnies before hitting the store. They have an awesome treats selection too, a variety of hay, and they are careful to only sell high-quality, safe, bunny products.

No, many thanks to YOU, Donna and Ed!

And now... here she is!!! The Lovely Luna LoveBun! Isn't she gorgeous?!

Thought I would model Luna for you. Isn't she beautful?!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Donna and Ed!!! I absolutely love her and am so lucky to give her a great home.

Check out Donna's blog at, and if you'd like some beautiful, handmade rabbit (or non-rabbit) jewelry of your own, check out here etsy at

In other relevant gift news, I asked my mom for a new pair of the Disapproving Rabbits sneakers, since Jon spilled mustard on my old ones. Apparently she perused Zazzle for all kinds of bunny gifts, and look what she found!

How cool is this?! It's like a little Yellow Sogna blogging away on her own.

One more random note:

For several reasons, none of which are important, they decided to move us to a different floor at work. Unfortunately for me, one of the offices we were given was an interior office with no windows, and since I'm the lowest man on the totem pole, I was moved to the windowless cell. I felt pretty sentimental about leaving my office, since it's the first private office I've ever had. So, on Friday night, before I left work, I decided to say goodbye to my beautiful view of the west side of Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Might it be a great picture if there wasn't the reflection of my phone and the boxes of documents in my office?

We did a nail trimming this morning. Wish me luck keeping Biffy out of stasis!

Everyone have a great week.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sogna Says...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Jon sent me this while I was in class last night, not getting home until after 11 pm.

The Sogna would also like everyone to know that her new tent is her Valentine this year.

Monday, February 7, 2011

One Good Thing About Music -- When it Hits, Ya Feel No Pain

(title is a Bob Marley quote)

Well, I must confess this is a very old post. I took these pictures while studying for finals fall semester, but never managed to get them into a post.

Another disclaimer: The empty bowl in the photos below is from the previous night's dinner. Nobun is starving. Breakfast gets a different bowl.

This may not seem so novel to some of you who have rabbits with very active ears (a certain west coast earometer comes to mind ;) )

I rarely listen to music without headphones because I'm afraid it'll scare the bunnies. But I figured, if a particularly loud song came on, or somebunny seemed scared, I'd just skip that song. (I always listen to my iPod on random. Always.)

I checked on Biffy, over in his usual spot for that part of the day, and his ears were doing something I've never seen before. The openings were facing all the way forward.

Groovin' Slowly- John Butler Trio

Is this Normal? I've never seen anything like it?

All Along the Watchtower - I have versions by three different musicians (can anyone guess who?) but this one happens to be the Hendrix version

Is Biffy a rockstar?

Concrete Jungle - Bob Marley

Does he love it, or is her terrified?

On a more disconcerting note: Biff and Sogna had a scuffle the other night after Jon and I got home (late) from spending the Super Bowl with my family. While I was petting Biff (unusual for that time of night), Sogna mounted him. It's unusual for Sogna to mount these days, but Biff mounts her at least once a day. We used to interfere but the vet told me not to, because she said interfering makes it worse. So you can imagine the effrontery endured when she mounted while I scratched his head.

A "ying-yang" chase ensued, but all the while Sogna maintained her grip on the fur on his back. Afterwards, I found a big bald spot on Biff's back. As you can imagine I was upset and taking a picture wasn't the first thing on my mind. The best way I can describe the size of the bald patch? You know at touristy places they have those machines that flatten out your penny and imprint a design on it? It's about the size of the flattened out penny. So pretty big.

I didn't separate them. There was no broken skin, and they were grooming each other later that night.

I'm distraught. They haven't fought since late May or Early June of 2009, several weeks after we first adopted the Sogna. Should I be so upset? I know it could be so much worse, but it's sad because I know they really do love each other. Should I separate them if it happens again? I feel terrible even thinking about it.

Does this look like the face of a killer to you??
(Apologies for the blurriness. Sometimes she just doesn't like to sit still, although blurriness aside these tend to be the best pics of her!)

Watch out, she's dangerous!!!