Thursday, March 10, 2011


Sorry I've been absent for quite awhile! I've had a lot going on. Finals in 6 weeks? Really??

I'm ashamed that I waited so long to blog this one, but I recently(kind of!) won the February giveaway over at the Lavender Rabbits!!! YAY!!! I was so excited to receive my beautiful gift.
(picture removed)

Another super cute bunny stamp on the reverse of the package, and another giftie for Biff and Sogna!!! I've actually bought these exact cookies from Bunny Bytes before, and they're a big favorite among my buns! If you haven't shopped at the Bunny Bytes online store before, check it out. They have some great handmade toys, often creative variations on Busy Bunny products, always tested and approved by their own four bunnies before hitting the store. They have an awesome treats selection too, a variety of hay, and they are careful to only sell high-quality, safe, bunny products.

No, many thanks to YOU, Donna and Ed!

And now... here she is!!! The Lovely Luna LoveBun! Isn't she gorgeous?!

Thought I would model Luna for you. Isn't she beautful?!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Donna and Ed!!! I absolutely love her and am so lucky to give her a great home.

Check out Donna's blog at, and if you'd like some beautiful, handmade rabbit (or non-rabbit) jewelry of your own, check out here etsy at

In other relevant gift news, I asked my mom for a new pair of the Disapproving Rabbits sneakers, since Jon spilled mustard on my old ones. Apparently she perused Zazzle for all kinds of bunny gifts, and look what she found!

How cool is this?! It's like a little Yellow Sogna blogging away on her own.

One more random note:

For several reasons, none of which are important, they decided to move us to a different floor at work. Unfortunately for me, one of the offices we were given was an interior office with no windows, and since I'm the lowest man on the totem pole, I was moved to the windowless cell. I felt pretty sentimental about leaving my office, since it's the first private office I've ever had. So, on Friday night, before I left work, I decided to say goodbye to my beautiful view of the west side of Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson River.

Might it be a great picture if there wasn't the reflection of my phone and the boxes of documents in my office?

We did a nail trimming this morning. Wish me luck keeping Biffy out of stasis!

Everyone have a great week.


  1. Lovely and tasty gifts! Hope the windowless cell has a prominent clock, so you don't overwork. Does nail trimming send Biffy into stasis, or is there something I'm missing? Best of luck on finals!

  2. No, TFF, not missing anything. Biffy is our little guard bun, he thinks he's a tough guy and hates losing any kind of control of his physical liberty. Being picked up always upsets him, as does being further restrained while we (gasp!) touch his feet. After the nail trimming I gave him a treat and picked up the Sogna to do hers. He hunkered down under a chair in a corner and did't eat his treat or move at all for an hour, with a traumatized look on his face. After awhile he ate the treat, but still didn't leave that spot. After about another hour, he peed and pooped in the corner where he was, and came out and started eating, drinking,and generally rascalling around. So he's OK now, I just got scared for a bit.

  3. Congrats on your prize and good job taking a pic of yourself with the mirror. Sorry you lost your window, that stinks.

    Dudley has these issues with having his nails trimmed too. He is convinced he is going to be killed at any minute.

  4. congratulations on your great prizes! well, er, half the prize - the rabbits got the other half! and it looks good on you Lisa!
    I hope that you get some lovely posters to put on your walls in your new office!
    over here we do 'nail buffing' now! no trimming for Arabella, it's my soft nail board now ~ manicure heaven

  5. Luna looks perfectly at home and absolutely lovely on you! I'm so glad you like the gifts :)
    Sorry to read about your office, I work in a windowless (in the basement!) cubical - very depressing at time. Bunny pictures help..

  6. You are a lovely bunny jewelry model--and WHERE did your mom find that shirt?! It looks just like Mr. Mick! MUST! HAVE!

    So sorry about your window--perhaps you could hang a very large picture poster to create the illusion of a window?

  7. Bummer about the office, maybe you can at least get full spectrum lighting in there. But what cool gifties! Well all things bun are cool and fun.....

  8. Nice loot! When I was the boss, by gosh EVERYBODY got windowless cubicles - finally they got some work done! =:<)

    (Actually I made Christmas socks for everyone and hung them on the wall and then put something appropriate in each as the day neared.)

    Nail trimming- ther oughta be a law!

  9. The neclace looks great, what a fun package to receive. Glad you got through the nail trimming OK.

  10. Gorgeous necklace!!

    Sad to hear you are losing your view. I'm sure a few bunny photos will brighten the place right up!

    The bunny blog shirt is cute :)

  11. Love that necklace! Looks great on you!
    Glad Biff is doing ok now. I hate pet-i-cure time!
    Hmmm...maybe a bunny quilt would brighten your area?
    xx, shell

  12. OK, I must have one of those Bunny Blogs t-shirts!! But I need 5 bunnies around the computer on mine. ;)