Friday, July 29, 2011

Sogna is FINE!

After a most terrifying night...

I woke up this morning and Sogna was behaving perfectly normally. Eating normally, temp is normal to the touch, and switching between moving about and stretching out comfortably.

I hate to speak too soon, and I am staying home today to monitor, and recover myself, but thank goodness it seems like it was "just" a little gas.

Sogna in Stasis

I walked in the door at about 12:45 a.m., after working two jobs and a total of 14 hours today.

I gobble down a slice of pizza and get the bunnies' nightly treat of one papaya tablet each as fast as I can, because I'm eager to get to bed and get a little sleep before work in the morning. Usually the buns hear the container from anywhere and come running before I even leave the kitchen.

Biff was waiting for it underfoot. When I sat down to give it to them, I realized Sogna wasn't climbing into my lap. So I gave a most anxious Biffy his, and went to bring the Sogna's treat to her, thinking she was probably hard at work in the litter box.

Still, it's not like Sogna to fail to come running to food immediately.

...and she wasn't in the litter box.

I found the Sogna camped out in her tent, and she wasn't leaving. I tried to give her her treat.

She refused.


I've always speculated that it's because of her year of starvation: Sogna does not refuse food. Ever. Until recently she wouldn't even take breaks eating dinner.

Couldn't coax her out.

Finally, I was scared enough to move the tent.

Chased her around the apartment to take her temperature.

Exactly 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after the "chase" should have warmed her. Sogna tends to run high. 103-104 is normal for her.

I should have known something was wrong by the way Biffy is acting. Completely out of sorts. Following me around like my shadow, attached to my ankle: "Mom! Help her!"

I gave her 1 cc of simethicone and approx 5 cc of lukewarm water. Also brushed her somewhat but she was becoming very stressed. Will start with critical care tomorrow if necessary, and I'm emailing the vet right now to find out how long Reglan will keep. If the stuff from October is still good I will give her some of that too.

I'm so exhausted I'm borderline incoherent. Is there anything I should be doing to contain this situation that I'm forgetting??? Should I turn off the air conditioner in the bunnies' room? Our AC is not on a thermostat, there is a unit with a low, medium, high dial. currently set on low which pretty much feels just like medium. It is somewhat chilly.

I have had one of the most difficult weeks at my day job that I have ever had. Too exhausted to think.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're sorry... we can't stop blogging about digging

Hey All!!!

We feel bad for not updating you sooner to let you know that we did just fine 4th of July weekend, being left alone. On the 4th, after Jon and I returned home, we were actually able to see lots of fireworks all across the horizon from our 17th floor apartment, and none were close enough to be loud enough to scare the buns.

The buns pretty much looked like this when we got back, not disturbed in the least:

In other news, we replaced our litter boxes with a covered litter box. The idea was not so much to prevent digging, but a wishful thinking that the Sogna wouldn't be able to literally gut this one and empty it all over the floor like she was doing with the old one.

We were not so lucky.

Jon got clever and decided to install an "overflow" box to catch the litter box contents that Sogna removes from the litter box proper.

Sogna digs in there too.

In fact, the mostly-empty box seems to have diverted most of Sogna's digging attentions. So actually, the new litter box is a relative success quite by accident.

Biff prefers to observe digging activities from a safe distance. He knows by know what happens if he stands too close (litter box contents dumped on his head several times recently).

And by the way, the bunnies have shown me their opinion of celery, by not touching it whatsoever.

(The bowl from which Biffy IS eating contains our daily shared portion of 1/4 cup of Oxbow pellets).

We hope you have all been well and are enjoying your summer. Hopefully we'll be around more in the next few weeks. Only three weeks left of my internship! And only four until I go back to school :-/

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Love Our Chair!

This is what I saw when I got home from my internship at 12:37 am Thursday night/Friday morning.

The bunnies love furniture, but they have the notion in their head that they're not alone. It was a surprise when I walked over and they remained there and allowed me to pet their heads, instead of jumping down and running to hide.

(Side note: Note the HRS Journal and the Astronomy magazine on the table, with the bunny nibble marks? Guess whose is whose).

Tomorrow morning Jon and I will be leaving to go to my parents' for approximately 24 hours to celebrate the holiday and my birthday (Tuesday). We still haven't decided whether to take the bunnies or to let them stay home. If they stay here, I will leave two large bowls of water, serve an early dinner for the evening, and Monday's breakfast, which they will probably devour before dinner time even rolls along.

Part of me is a worry wart and says something will happen and I won't be here to take care of them. Part of me says I should let them stay for two reasons: First, they will unfortunately have to go to my parents' house next weekend for my cousin Jeana's wedding, and it would be inhumane of me to take them in the car two weekends in a row (according to them). Second, I believe there will be fewer scary fireworks in this urban environment than out in the land of backyards and cul de sacs.

What do you think I should do? What is the maximum duration that you will leave your rabbit(s) unattended?

Otherwise, everything is going well over here. Mommy is tired, Biffy is shedding, Sogna is gutting the litterbox. We are headed to Target today to get them one of those covered kitty litter boxes.

We wish you all a Bunderful 4th of July!