Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Busy

Hi There, remember us??

We've been very busy, and a little confused. Mom's always looking at books or her computer (I don't know why she didn't learn when I tried to teach her a lesson with the first computer...). Sometimes she goes to work, sometimes she doesn't go until it's almost time to come home! Also there was lots of boxes and furnitures coming in two weeks ago. Jon's mom kept saying "Oh my God, you're so CUTE! Do you know you're so cute?" Yeah, we know.

So after the big shuffling of the stuff, and all the boxes, Jon has stayed with us every single night. And we thought all the moving around was finally DONE, and we could finally settle into a routine. But apparently, Mom and Jon can't leave well enough alone.

This is our nook. You like it? Nice and close to the books to chew on.

They got some more big flat boxes from the UPS man late last week. They spent all day on Saturday playing with those darn boxes and all of the thick flat boxes inside those boxes, and screws and a hammer. They worked really hard on those boxes, (but me and Sogna work hard on our boxes, too!) all day on Saturday, and seemed pretty proud of their finished product.

They went to our Aunt Katie's house to see her new place and Big Scary Dog. We thought, they worked so hard on their project, but it's still not quite right, so we should really help them out.

When they got home, Jon looked like he was going to puke. He said something about it being expensive.

Here I am, admiring our handiwork. What do you think, looks better, right?

The Sogna girl helps me admire our handiwork. We're very please with ourselves and don't understand why Mamma and Jon are so upset.


Oh yeah, we also removed the entire corner from the carpet already! YEAH!!! Stupid Mom didn't take any pictures yet, so get excited for next time!