Monday, March 5, 2012

Bunny video!!!

Well it has been a busy and emotionally charged few months since we last posted, and we're afraid it will be several months more before we can post again. But, I have something in the works and hopefully if it all works out I may have some more time for blogging this summer. We'll see.
Also, I wanted to let everybun know that I am having a real hard time commenting on certain blogs lately. Just wanted you all to know that just because you're not getting my comments, doesn't mean I'm not visiting!
Anyway, I just stopped in to share this video of the very special and multi-talented Sogna girl taking her medicine like a champ. I found out she could do this quite by accident, I was hoping I could figure out a way to force-feed her medicine without having to pick her up to reduce the stress. She had been taking the medicine after a mild case of bloat, but she's all better now!

Also, Biff is jumping on me in the video because it's just about their dinner time, and both bunnies always harass us until we feed them! He has absolutely no interest in taking Sogna's medicine and when he's sick I can't even get him to swallow it after I dispense it into his mouth.

I got this nifty new iPhone and I'm hoping that will mean more bunny videos!!!!

That's all for now! Hope everyone is well!