Monday, August 29, 2011

No Harm, No Foul

Just wanted to stop in for a minute to let you all know that we came through the storm just fine. No damage to Mima and Pops' house at all, it seems. Our neighbors lost power but we didn't.

We should be heading back home to Queens any moment now (whenever Pops finishes getting ready... ). I called the building and they say the power is on and there is no damage.

Jon's rescheduled flight home from New Orleans (he was scheduled to fly back last night, that was cancelled on Friday, so he left early this morning) seems to be going ahead as scheduled, so hopefully he will come home and fix the wireless router soon :-p Seriously though, we missed him tremendously.

I've already heard and read a lot of people bitching that they were inconvenienced and forced to evacuate because of a "massive overreaction" by politicians just to "cover their asses." I would like to point out that weather is, by nature, unpredictable. Failure to "Cover their asses" in the past has meant the difference between a storm and a catastrophe.

Can't stop thinking of a certain friend of ours in NC. Our hearts are with her and her family. We continue to wait for a sign that she's ok.

Hope everyone and everybun came through the weekend OK.


  1. Sometimes I think most people are too far removed from nature to understand its unpredictability. Personally, I'd rather err on the safe side. Glad you are all OK.

  2. I am glad all is well Lisa. Very glad.

    Drop me an email when you get a chance and tell me what Jon thought about NOLA.

  3. Hi Lisa ~ Glad to hear you (and the buns) are all safe and sound. :)

  4. Gotta wonder about some people--would they rather not get a warning or perhaps have their home destroyed? I'm thrilled beyond belief that we were spared from anything beyond a mild inconvenience. Had our power gone out at any time other than the 4 hours we lost in the wee hours of Saturday morning, we would have had no sump pump to keep our crawlspace from flooding and we would have had far more damage to deal with.

  5. Glad to hear you guys are ok. Has anyone heard anything from Shell? Yikes, oh Yikes!

  6. Good to hear your families (and Jade too) made it through unharmed.

    Waiting to see how Shell is too. NC seemed to be hit hard.

  7. Thanks all. Shell knew as early as Wednesday that she would lose power this weekend. I'm not sure how. So, we will just have to keep waiting and try not to worry ourselves sick.

  8. So glad you and the bunnies are ok. Thanks for the update on Shell (above)

    Much love x

  9. So glad everything turned out okay for you. No kidding, if they even remotely think they should ground planes then why would someone complain about that, jeez!!! Thanks for the updates on Shell as well.