Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not coming out...

Sogna is my perfect angel girl. Except, when I want her to go "IN"(in the bedroom, aka rabbits' primary headquarters).

What's that? You want me to go IN, you say?

Biff actually isn't bad about it. As long as I'm able to get behind him, he considers my herding/chasing him IN as a kind of game and actually binkies the whole way in, while of course shaking his head and tail at me, to make sure I know he's still annoyed.

But I have spent at least 20 minutes on more than one occasion trying to get Sogna to go IN.

I'm not coming out until you go away.

I tried to lure her with all of her favorite treats, but she wasn't budging. She had decided it was playtime.

Finally, after waving a carrot right under her nose several times, she couldn't resist anymore. Mom won this time.


  1. Oh, dear. Cadbury is very good about going into his cage, as long as I've got fresh blueberries or "Just Bananas" banana chips. ;-)

  2. Bunnies are stubborn. They know what they want.

  3. Mickey has learned that when Mum goes into the kitchen and opens the drawer at the bottom of the fridge, he's getting fed, and since he doesn't get fed unless he's in his cage, he'll make a beeline for his cage and hop right in. Food is an amazing bunny motivator. :)

  4. Ha! How dare you interrupt play time!! I can feel the disapproval from here... :)

  5. You are still in training I see....

  6. ha ha that's funny! infact it's so funny I can see the wiggling tail and head shaking clearly!!
    (and I wonder how I know about That!! :)
    what adorable photos Lisa, she really is a sweetheart!

  7. Ahh yes, the power of a carrot. Works every time.

  8. Yeah, when he was younger there were definitely cycles to the shed. Now he is perpetually shedding. Though, he does still occasionally have a BIG one. I'm not entirely sure how old Mario is, either. I was told he was about one year old when I adopted him but who knows? Looking back at old photos he does look younger to me so I am really hoping he was indeed just about a year old back then. I don't think rabbits age much appearance-wise once they are full-grown so hoping he was still a bit of a late-teenager back then :)

    Mario is trained to run back in his pen when I say, "Go home!" I got him to do it by leading him inside it with a grape while I said it and then throwing it on the ground in the pen. Nowadays if I say, "Go home!" he runs inside with his nose to the floor to sniff out the treat (I throw a raisin in there to appease him now).