Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can someone please tell our mom to stop moving our stuff??

Hey Everybun!!! Do you like our new bed?! (note the apple branches from Potentially Crazy to the right of the bed. All the leaves were gone within 2 minutes).

Our mom said she got it so maybe from now on we can get our PeeBed kicks on our own bed, which can go in the wash, instead of hers.

Only, can someone please tell her to stop moving all our stuff around? The bed just came last week and she's already moved it four times. She says this is where it's staying, until we move.

But we're not getting too comfortable, just to be safe.

In other news, this is Biffy's latest project. Actually, digging up the wood floors under the edge of the desk was the original project, but mom put down grass mats as a diversion. So Biff's plans adjusted.

Here's a pic of the product of Biff's previous pet project, the cardboard nest at the back corner of the bed. Anyone noticing a pattern?

Get out of here MOM!!! It's KIDS ONLY down here!!!

Thanks for the well wishes on the apartment hunt. Mom signed a lease on a new apartment last weekend, so the move is now official. She says it's really nice, but of course we're still skeptical. She says it has one feature that we're going to really love!
(Hint: Starts with a C and ends with a T. And covers the floor...)

Still, we're all going to really miss this place. Biff's been here since he was just a kit, only a month or two old. Anyone have any ideas as to how to help the buns adjust? I know change can be stressful for them.

And we leave you with the obligatory grooming shot:
Everybun be well!!


  1. A lovely bed for you two! I see you decorate in private Biff so you can give the "big reveal" like on HGTV! hee,hee,hee.
    Love the grooming shot. Always a favorite.
    Happy moving.
    Oh as far as them adjusting. I find it's better to keep them to a small area first then let them out. Worked for me, but every bun is so different. Good luck!

  2. The trail of bunny destruction looks familiar... :) Moving is hard, but they will adjust just fine. We moved our whole zoo and it was fine. The worst is the packing. I hate packing!

  3. CARPETS! YAY! Hef loves his carpeted rooms and doesn't go in the other ones. When we moved Hef we just moved him but he doesn't have run of the house. I know with cats your supposed to introduce room by room slowly and limit how much space they can get to at first so they remember where the litterpan is, that might work.

  4. Introducing them slowly works, as does having plenty of familiar/already bunny-scented items nearby when they're exploring. They adapt pretty well for the most part (with maybe a thump or two here and there if they don't like your decorating ;) ) Good luck with the move!

  5. Carpets? We thought the C-word was carrots! We were already checking the bus schedule, but maybe we'll just stay put!
    Ginny and Weasley

  6. oh bunnies love carpets and other projects of destruction! But no-one should move a bunny's things without their permission - much disapproval!

  7. Well.....Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.
    People move stuff and you have to get used to it.
    Buns disaprove of stuff and people get used to it.
    If you can disagree on something small, then maybe you can move on to agree on important
    dandelion greens are NOT food
    the towel pile needs enlarging
    peanuts in the shell are a staple
    Petting shoud be only one had at a time, not two

  8. Take ALL their stuff AND place it EXACTLY like it used to be. Lots of treats.

    (We have never moved so that is just our best guess.)

  9. Congratulations Lisa!
    love the new bed!
    Burns travelled all over Australia with me and lived in at least 6 houses. Her kitty litter was always the same one and she made her spot around it. I never changed the bedding or kitter until she was settled in. She loved travelling and car journeys.
    Arabella and Wesley are so impressed that you have covered the floor in carrot(s) that they are packing their cases as I type ....

  10. Sage is a big demander of mats for her dainty paws. Oh, sure, she CAN run on wood and vinyl, but she shouldn't have to. Unless she wants to do a buttslide.

    Sage recommends that her loppy cousins just move stuff BACK. The hooman gets the message.. eventually.

  11. Hey Mom! Stop moving their stuff!

    There I said it. I hope everyone has great fun at their new place.