Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move Over, Biffy!

I'm Sogna, and this is MY BLOG TOO!!!

I had a pretty rough start at life. I used to live someplace where nobody really took care of me. I had to live in my own filth, and wasn't fed properly. Here's what my feet looked like when I was rescued:

Pretty ugly, huh?

The sore hocks were so bad, they had to amputate one of my back toes, and it was a few months before all my foot fur grew back. There's some calcification of the tendons in my other foot, but other than that, I'm good as new!

No wonder I get so nervous!!!

Anyway, my foster mom took good care of me, so that one day Biff and Lisa could come find me and I could have a new mom.

Now, Biffy and I are in love. he protects me from anything scary, and lets me put my face in his side whenever I want. Even when he's grooming. Or eating. Or trying to play. We are now snuggle bunnies.

My foster mom named me Sonja, but my new mom wanted to spell it Sogna, to resemble the Italian word "sogno", which means dream. She says its because I'm the perfect pet. A dream come true, if you will.

Can't wait to tell you more about my happy new life with my husbun, Biff!!


  1. Oh my, that poor bunny. :(
    So glad you're with a good loving home now though. :)