Monday, December 27, 2010


I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmakkueidiwali!!!! (Christmas + Hanukkah + Eid + Diwali!) Sorry I've been lost in law school land and recovering there after. So said I pretty much missed the holidays in Blogland!! But I'm trying to catch up on reading all of your blogs and sharing your holidays retrospectively.

Well, this post may take a bit longer than most considering the current state of my computer. The bunnies were bad last night. Check out the latest fruits of bunstruction:

But I'm ashamed of how long it's been since my last post. Especially when I've been dying to show off these most special Christmas gifts I got this year! The first couple of gifts I'm about to show you I received during finals and shortly after, when I've been trying to catch up on day-to-day existence and haven't had time for the cyber world :(

First, I received these little beauties from Annette Tait over at the Dragon House of Yuen blog! Some of you may remember Annette made me a beautiful purse last year in a perfect image of my two beloved bunnies. I finally got around to sending out a thank-you gift this fall, and I got this beautiful Christmas gift in return! A very beautiful and unexpected surprise!!

For some reason I couldn't get a great picture of the first mini baby hare up there, but I like the second picture because it shows the beautiful fabric Annette used to make these little guys. It's also nice and soft and flannely. We were considering not getting a Christmas tree this year, but when I received these, I knew I had to get one!!

These lovely cards were also part of the gift, both made by Annette herself. The one on the right was a card for me, and the one on the left will be sent to some friend somewhere soon!!

Annette is so creative and makes beautiful things, so check out her Dragon House of Yuen etsy shop if you haven't already!

Then I received another beautiful, unexpected and undeserved gift! The picture really doesn't do it justice, but I received this beautiful, hand quilted jingle tree from Shell over at the Raspberry Rabbits!! And it looks absolutely beautiful next to my small table-top Christmas tree.

(The other decorative white tree on here is also very special to me. It's an ornament that my mom got us that says "2010 First Christmas in our New Home - Jon and Lisa.")
Shell also sent this lovely handmade Christmas card, all clean and white of course, and a set of fusion tea and chocolates!! Delicious!!!!

And the buns certainly enjoyed destroying the beautiful tissue paper Shell wrapped our gift in. The paper was so beautiful that I didn't mind leaving it on the floor for them ;)

One more gift I wanted to show you guys. You may hear me complain fairly often that I don't have enough decorative bunnies adorning my home. Well, Jon's parents were nice enough to help me change that!

This is one of two beautiful bunny bookends that I got for Christmas from Jon's parents. These little buns work arduously to keep my books on the shelf!

On one last unrelated note, thank you all so much for your well wishes for finals. Law school is kind of unique in the world of higher education in that I don't think the professors are given any deadline as to when they must submit grades. I know my professors weren't ALLOWED to submit any grades to the registrar until Dec. 22nd, when the final exam period technically ended. Then, since I attend a Catholic institution, the entire administrative staff left for vacation the next day and won't be back until Jan. 3rd. So the very earliest I can get any grades back is Jan. 3rd. One of my professors actually told us not to expect grades until at least a week or two into Spring semester, which doesn't even start until Jan. 10th! So for now I'm just trying to put these exams out of sight, out of mind.

Hope everyone had a happy, healthy holiday.


  1. What a lovely and well-deserved Xmas break! The buns look happy and comfy as they leisurely shred the wrapping paper. Spring forward and don't look back!

  2. Glad everything is okay with you and the bunnies. Your gifts are gorgeous. Happy New Year!

  3. Love the gifts, they are so beautiful!

    Ohhh, naughty buns, mustn't touch the electronic thingies that your mama needs so she can keep filling us in on how you're doing. That's the kind of thing that brings hasenpheffer to the minds of even the sweetest bunny owner. Good thing you're too cute for stew. ;)

  4. It must be glorious to have some time off. Not to worry about writing. We all know law school is grueling. RG and I take off tomorrow, and we're both looking forward to some time away. Enjoy your well earned rest, and then fling yourself into the next semester. The gifts are lovely. I'm amazed that people can make such tiny things so perfectly. Of course, then there's Shell, who does everything perfectly. There is so much talent in this place that ties us all together. It's an honor to be part of it all.

  5. Lots of things to chew over in this post such as why those particular keys were chosen for removal and which bunny was the culprit. Then there is heretofore unheard of anomaly , and it may simply reflect my own sheltered existence, of a Catholic Law School. The fact of which infers that there may be Protestant, Seventh Day Adventist and even Druidic law schools as well.....

  6. Glad you liked your pressies girlfriend and glad the fuzzy one's enjoyed the paper destruction! Fun!
    Love the bookends too!
    I know your grades will be most excellent as you are one smart cookie!
    Have a wonderful new year. I'm looking forward to sharing the year of the rabbit with you!
    xx, shell

  7. lovely Christmas gifts and the bunnies seem very happy!

  8. Beautiful gifts, lucky you! Have you figured out the code the buns are using on the computer, yet?

  9. As Quick Draw McGraw used to say to Bob-a-louie (sort of) - "We'll do the worryin' about grades around here Bob-a-boy!" You go enjoy!

  10. Lisa the tree is gorgeous! and your keyboard looks so much better now that it has been 'customised'!
    beautiful gifts!
    I am sure your results will be great and all the best for 2011 - year of the bun!
    love Annette, Arabella and Wesley xxx