Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go!

We're still here!!! Everybun is doing just fine, except I (the mom) have been CRAZY with finals coming up soon. I can't believe how fast the first semester has gone. And I'm nowhere near ready for finals, the first of which is in two weeks! Ahhhh!!!!
Meanwhile, the bunnies keep themselves busy and seem to take pretty darn good care of each other. Jon makes sure that dinner isn't late when I have class late, and the buns appreciate the punctuality.

I was ordering pellets for the buns, from, and saw they have these new Willow Wreaths for sale. My buns love anything willow, but these had some leaves still on them in the picture. Since my buns don't seem to share too well lately, I got them each their own.

Immediately upon my putting each box of willow wreath on the floor for them (each wreath came in its own box like the one in the picture above), each bun DOVE into their wreath! It was unbelievable, they actually LEFT their dinner for the willow wreaths. I was worried they might not like them because they were literally covered in leaves, and also the willow twigs seemed to be thinner and less dry (still green in the middle) than the willow balls/cubes/rings that they're used to. I was wrong. They loved them.

The picture above depicts what remained of the willow wreaths less than 24 hours after being presented to the buns. We give them two enthusiastic paws up. EACH! And as you can see, they're a pretty decent size, too, much bigger than I expected.

Anyway, I need to go finish packing. We are headed to Mima and Pops's house for Thanksgiving and my sister's birthday. Always a busy weekend. The buns are suspicious as I took out the carrier already to change out the hay. They're assuming the worst.

The buns have a pen at Mima's house that stays set up for them all the time although we really only go for holidays. It has foam floor mats, a cage inside the pen for privacy (or hiding from the dog if necessary), and toys and blankies which my buns have already more than sufficiently marked.

3 outfits? Check. Pajamas? Check. Toothbrush? Have one there. Bun food? Check. Stasis kit? Check. Homework? Check. ...

Happy Thanksgiving Everybun!!!


  1. Your two buns have such beautiful coloring! I'm going to check out the wreath and see if Clovis might like one. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. That's some very lucky bunnies! You'll do fine on the finals, just remember to breathe.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Grooming snugglebuns pics = *SQUEE*!

    I would get one of those wreaths for Mickey, but he's never shown much interest in wood of any kind. The only thing he attacks like that is treats. :)

    I have all kinds of faith in you kicking butt in your finals and I will be thinking lots of positive thoughts for you.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. My guess is you'll do just fine in the finals, in fact I have money on it. How lovely of your mom to have a permanent dedicated bun pen, wow, I am impressed. Enjoy your visit.

  5. What a nice grandma the buns have. Keeping a little house all ready for their visit.

  6. I love the second photo, how sweet to see bunnies grooming each other!

  7. That is a stunning endorsement of willow wreaths. I must get some before they run out. Sounds like you all are set for a good Thanksgiving. Best of luck on the finals.

  8. You're such a great bunny mom! I'm glad they get to go to their grandma's to visit, too. I'm going to check out the willow wreaths for my crew. Happy Holidays!

  9. Good luck test taking!

    Biff looks so much like Lucky with that silky fur behind his head on the top of his neck!

  10. The second picture is beyond precious, seeing the two of them together. Thanks for posting at such a busy time. Good luck on the finals! Write long and eloquently with details sprinkled throughout.

  11. Hmm.. Will have to check out this willow wreath for Mario :)

    And YES!! $23 for 100 pounds of Timothy hay!! Gah!

  12. Oh, drat. Just checked out binky bunny and they are sold out for the season.