Thursday, May 20, 2010

Patchwork Post

WARNING: If you're looking for a theme to tie everything together in this post, there isn't one.

That's why we're calling it a patchwork post.

Maybe we're not so good at "themes", or "stories". We have other strengths. Just look at us.

(Does anyone love this picture as much as I do??)

First thing's first. Has anyone bought the "Apt. 5" brand toilet paper? It's 90% recycled, and has the most bunnyliciously thick toilet paper rolls we've ever seen. We're not usually interested in toilet paper rolls unless they're stuffed with hay but we love these. Actually, on several occasions Sogna has thrown around a roll so vigorously she has found herself losing her balance and doing a complete backwards somersault. Gosh I wish I got a picture of that. Laughed so hard.

Bunny love...

Mommmmmm. Can you get that camera out of here? Some things are supposed to be private. Jeez.

I love this picture because Sogna seems to have a visible angelic aura, doesn't she? I don't call her my little angel girl for nothing ;)

Actually, though, the purpose of the above picture is to show her heinously uneven shed she's having. The picture really doesn't do it justice, she looks all shaggy and doesn't seem comfortable.

She doesn't allow me to brush her, if I try, she runs away. And if I pick her up, I need to hold her so tightly to keep her from running away that 1. I have no free hand for brushing/plucking, and 2. I can't really get to much of the fur because my arms are in the way. Now every time I go to pet her, she runs away because she knows I'm going to take any opportunity I can get to pluck out some of that loose hair. I don't want her to get a blockage. Any advise???

No comment here, really. Biff just loves hay.

And now, prepare to be amazed.

I saw the Arabella and Wesley bags on sale in Annette, aka, Dragon House of Yuen,'s Etsy shop. I really liked them, but I couldn't decide which one to buy. So the wheels started turning in my head. "Wouldn't it be cool if I could get a purse that looked like MY buns?" It would be almost like a functional portrait of them!

I got in touch with Annette, thinking she would tell me that I was absolutely out of my mind, or that she'd do whatever I wanted for a million dollars, but luckily for me, Annette is a wonderfully sweet lady. Not only did she agree to do a TON of work, she actually liked the idea.

She toiled in her workshop for months, and here was the outcome:

Side A: Can you believe the level of detail here?!

Thank you SO much Annette. I really can't believe how amazing it came out. Now I can bring my buns with me everywhere!

Which is good, because I need to go away on business for over 48 hours next week, and I'm really not happy about it. I hate to be without my kids, even just to go to work! I know Jon will take good care of them and keep me updated as to how they're doing, and they don't care as long as they're being fed, but for me it's pure anguish.

OK, lastly, below we have my super freaky space age plant grower thingy. It's definitely a bit odd, but the lavender has finally started to flower, and it makes my fingers smell nice when I touch it :) Plus, when I prune off any brown pieces, the bunnies scarf them down. I guess it's a delicacy.

Aerogarden: For city folk who don't have enough oxygen in their apartments but kill any plant they try to grow naturally.

Once the lavender dies, or gets fed to Biff & Sogna, the herb garden is up next. Don't tell the buns, it's a surprise!

Wish me luck next week. Hopefully the buns will remember me by the time I get back :-/


  1. The bunnies will pretend to be in a snit, but they'll get over it. Bring treats and they'll get over it even faster.

  2. A lot going on! I love the purse, can you give me the link for Annette? We use a different recycled toilet paper called Marcal Small Steps, but their rolls don't seem to be special.

  3. Lisa what a delight!! so glad that the purse is perfect (hmmm, don't let Biffy and Sogna hear that though :) - not as perfect as them!
    I love your pics of them, especially the 'love' one and their carrot dishes are so fun!

    I know exactly how you feel about going away from them. In the past I have left lists of instructions and feeding directions, laid the bedding out into daily piles, stocked the fridge right up ... the list goes on! not to mention the 'panic calls' home (me panicking!)

    Love your plant grower. Is it a hydroponic one?

  4. With some of my bunnies, i have to lay on the floor, give their heads a rub, and slowly brush as much as i can out. If i'm lucky i will get a couple seconds of brushing before they realize what i'm up to. ;) Kitty Bunny is the hardest, she doesn't like to be held or touched a lot, but she does love head rubs, so i have to do this several times to get it done without stressing her out too much.

  5. The purse is a wonder, truly. Thanks for the heads up about the Rosemary, we don't eat a lot and from what I read it is the essential oil that is a problem, still one is always protective of out bunnies. As to brushing, hmm, Sydney doesn't like being petted or picked up, but I can herd her into the carrier, so once a month I bring them all for nail trims at the rabbit show and at that time I give her a good brushing. She also sheds a lot on her faux sheep skin which picks up the hair quite nicely.

  6. Veddy veddy interesting .... neat plant grower! Buns Rule!

  7. The purse is AWESOME! I just spent a bunch of money on new bunny stuff, so I'll have to hold off on the idea, but it is soooo tempting.

    Love the bunny pics--there's something about lops that makes you just want to hug and squeeze them all day.

    As to grooming, I'm lucky; Mickey loves to be groomed (although he doesn't like it when I pluck his fur) except when I have to flip him over to get his underside, so I save that bit for last. I would try bribing them with treats, or if you have a carrier that has a top door (or a narrow cardboard box), herd them in there and go at them from above; they'll have less room to maneuver and you'll have a hand free to hold them still.

  8. I love the photos! Especially the interrupted bunny love one. The disapproval oozes from the photo :)

    No good tips on the shedding. Mario doesn't like it, but he cooperates enough that I can get a good brush on. I do sneak up on him and pull little strands off his butt every now and then which really pisses him off :)

    I LOVE your bunny purses!!! Squee!!! I HEART ETSY so much!!