Monday, September 28, 2009

Playtime is Fun!

I know it's mean to laugh at Sogna's awkward locomotion after everything she's been through... but look at some of these action shots. She looks like she's flying (less than gracefully).


  1. Thanks for your interest D. Sogna was severely neglected by her previous owners. She was in such bad shape when she was brought to the ACC that they almost put her down, but the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab, a no-kill organization, fought for her. She had sore hocks so bad she needed to have a toe amputated (hence the gruesome pics from earlier posts).

    The improvement she's shown since she was first rescued in January 2009 has been so incredible that the RR&R (or NYC Chapter of the House Rabbit Society) actually asked me to write an article about her recovery for their newsletter, as she stands out as one of their best success stories of the year. Thanks for reading!

  2. Oh, yeah now I remember seeing the pics. So many buns have had rough beginnings and survive to have happy lives. Songa is lucky to have found you.