Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry there's no bunny pics. But you guys needed to know.

I got a Veggie Delite (aka Salad on Bread) at Subway for lunch today and as usual I got the combo (sandwich + chips + drink). a bag of Sun Chips caught my eye. they're spicy chipotle flavored. I said to myself, "mmmmmmmm that sounds yummy." and grabbed a bag.

The fun part of getting chips with lunch, is, I can save them for a late-afternoon snack. bored and hungry, I popped open the bag.

One bite later...

"Ewwwwww. These chips taste like BEEFFFF!!!!!!!!!"

Now, as you know, I have not tasted beef in over ten years. But I think it's imprinted. Like they say happens with the smell of burning flesh. You never forget it.

So I read the ingredients. Sure enough, the second or third from last ingredient is BEEF FAT.

Now I think that's just bizarre. I mean, maybe putting animal fat, much less beef fat, might make sense for Lays or Ruffles or even Dorito's. Some brand that is expected to be greasy and disgusting. But aren't Sun Chips supposed to be wholesome and healthy? Isn't that how they market themselves?

Maybe I'm over-reacting. but my mouth still tastes like BEEF FAT. And honestly, I think Sun Chips as a company is undermining the public perception that their PR people have been working hard to achieve with those damn chips.

I'll never eat any snack ever again without checking for beef fat.

P.S. My apologies for the lack of bunny pics. I'll post some images of the cute furry rascals when I get home from work.


  1. Eww, what a very unpleasant surprise, yeah, basically read all labels, or don't buy anything that comes in a package. Urban survival.......

  2. I hate that kind of thing, if they're supposed to be beef flavoured then fine but not otherwise, yuck

  3. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh ........

    We'll be back .. pictures.