Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I can hear RG scoff from New York...

This is a blog about Love.

I made that assertion on Valentine's Day, and I believe it is true. This post is most certainly no exception.

Before I begin, let me warn you that it may seem strange, at first, that I am writing a post about two buns loved and lost from the Houseful of Rabbits. All will be revealed in time my friends. (Yes, that's a Chili Peppers quote).

Actually, this all may just sound really strange. And you may think BL and I are completely off our rockers.

In any event, here goes:

Scooter was a big, sweet bun that BL had bought for her granddaughter. Rejected by Granddaughter's parents, he stayed with BL and RG at the Houseful of Rabbits. BL loved him very much, he would snuggle in bed with her and lick her face.

Unfortunately, Scooter was ill-fated. He contracted a debilitating parasite, and in the summer of 2005, he had to be put down to save him further suffering. BL was distraught.

(Look familiar? Just wait. Story gets stranger.)

Later, Stanley came to join the Houseful of Rabbits. He was also originally intended as a gift, for RG's daughter, but he was unhealthy so BL thought it best to keep him. He struggled with illness for most of his sweet little life.

One day, BL was snuggling with Stanley in bed, when she felt Scooter's presence there with her, reassuring her, telling her that he was OK, he was in a better place and he was no longer suffering. She was relieved, and was finally beginning to heal after the loss of Scooter.

But was it possible? Scooter and Stanley had never met in life, yet BL was sure that she had felt Scooter's energy through Stanley. Perhaps, the answer is that, although the two had never met, Scooter and Stanley were Soul Mates. Two lives intertwined. Two bodies, one spirit.

This is Stanley.

Stanley passed away in the Spring of 2008, around the same time Biffy came to live with me. Is it possible that Scooter was reborn, and that I found him in a pet shop in Manhattan? And that after Stanley had done his job of comforting BL, he passed away in order to be reborn and find his soul mate. And that Stanley was reborn as Randy/Sogna (originally thought to be a boy), only to suffer more before being dumped in a Staten Island shelter (January 2010), believed to be a lost cause and scheduled for euthanasia, rescued by a wonderful woman with the NYC Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, nursed back to health making a full (and unexpected) recovery, and later adopted?

Maybe it's just a bizarre series of coincidences. But if any of this is even possibly real, then I'm beginning to be convinced that everything happens for a reason. Two soul mates stayed apart so that Stanley would be around to help BL cope with the loss of Scooter. And Sogna's foster mom was in the right place at the right time to save her from death row. And Biff and Sogna, who bonded almost right away after meeting at the shelter on May 17th, 2009, a little over a year after Stanley's passing. (I was told at the time she was believed to be approximately a year old). And that Biff and Sogna both happened to be at the shelter that day?? Had Biff and I gone to meet does a day earlier, Sogna may not have been there. Ours was Sogna's first introduction to a potential adopter. And had we gone any later, Sogna may have gone to a different home. Or Foster Mom may have decided to keep Sogna, which she was already considering heavily. If any of these coincidences had not worked out the way they did, these soul mates may have had to wait another lifetime to finally meet.

And maybe I joined blogger so that I could meet BL, befriend her, and let he know that the souls of her boys live on in Biff and Sogna, happily ever after.

Happily Ever After, whatever their true names may be.

So, who (Besides RG) thinks BL and I are crazy???


  1. Ahem - having never met you, I can neither vouch for or against your nuttiness. I can, however, vouch for BL's - but I won't.

    That was a great story and certainly as probable as any other! A fairly large amount of woo-woo - ness does come to BL.

    Scooter and Stanley were a great addition to our place during their times, and we think of them often. Your pair are close to spittin' images!

    And now, back to your usual programming - "are you guys nuts???"

  2. I was there and saw it all - it's probably totally true!!!!

  3. Most of us were there too - we believe it!

  4. Well, you just never know with things like that, but they certainly do happen and seem to help us in times of need, stress, distress, loneliness...

    Now if you and BL are crazy, I don't know where that would put me--totally in the nuthouse, I guess!

  5. From one of BL and BG's other bunny friends - we often share our finds ..ie bunns.. and depending on who has room end up with new acquisitions to our broods, says nothing odd here... we're all connected..

  6. K, that made me cry. (and I'm adding you to my blogger list.)

  7. Holy Smoke - Shelley - she is the one got us started with this volume rabbit business and F.O.T.A. is one who helps us keep going!!

    They are both n .... ooops. Friends!

  8. A lovely sentimental journey: certainly stranger things have happened.

  9. We are not crazy; we simply know this is not only possible but more than likely true. And it was Biff and Sogna who brought you to RG's blog, so we who love(d) them would know that they are together at last. Thank you for writing it so beautifully. I shall go to sleep tonight grateful for their gifts to us, and wishing them many, many years of being together at last.

  10. The resemblance is uncanny, and who are we to question the workings of things?

    Now stop making me cry, goshdarnit. ;)

  11. I have no problem accepting this. None at all. Animals are gifts to us and no matter if they are with us a long time or short, they are still gifts. Sweet, loving, mysterious gifts.

  12. Made me cry. I believe it's possible and would love to think that Chloe is reborn somewhere making someone else happy.

  13. reincarnated bunny soul mates, how wonderful, what a lovely story

  14. I think this is highly plausible and we must test the theory by flying BL out to NYC to meet the bunnies in question, she will truly be able to tell if they are same but reincarnated.

  15. Oh yikes! I'm not quite ready to fly all the way to New York quite yet. Need to practice on something shorter; make sure I can actually get back on the plane the second time. But whan an ingenious idea. I think I'd rather just believe, at least for now.

  16. Lisa I believe every word :)
    If everyone reads Amelia Kinkade's book Straight from the Horses Mouth they will say the same thing.
    It's merely a matter of thinking and seeing things differently and everyone is able to do it (with an open heart :)

    hope your move went well,
    best wishes, Annette

  17. Not crazy at all! In fact, completely sane in my mind. I know that my animals that have passed find their way into the bodies of animals that came after them... I see my Angel Rottie sometimes in our kitty Rose (that Angel found several months before she died). She lives on...

  18. I think this is a very sweet story and huge possibility. I agree with Erin that it makes me happy to think of departed friends off elsewhere.