Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Birthday Already?!?! And a call for help.

Guess what everybun? It's our BIRTHDAY today!!!

(Actually, it's a close estimate of Biffy's birthday. Sogna's birthday is unknown. So Biffy agreed to share).

We are THREE years old today! Can you believe it?! Three years already??

Mommy gave us a bunch of oats in our breakfast, a real special treat. Jon is giving us some fruits in our dinner, and all of our favorite greens. And Mom ordered us a bunch of new toys and chews (which we of course will turn our noses up at). And then we will demand that as soon as she gets home from class, she begin petting us immediately and not stop until bedtime.

Well, we have some bad news to share with you.

Our Mom's best friend fosters kitties for a rescue in the Washington, D.C. area. They got a plea for help from the Howard County Animal Shelter, who was innundated with rabbits after the authorities caught a family with 78 rabbits in a townhouse. The people cooperated and surrendered the rabbits, but now they're filling up the shelter and LOTS of foster homes.

If you know anyone in the Maryland or D.C. areas why might want a rabbit, or another rabbit, or maybe can foster, please send them this link:

I really wish these bunnies the very best. My heart hurts for them. And for their overwhelmed rescuers.


  1. Happy Birthday Sogna and Biffy! Enjoy your treats and toys.

    I wish I knew someone in that are Lisa. God will this kind of thing never end?

  2. Happy Bunny Birthdays! Sharing works!

    I hope they get the rescued ones taken care of - seems like an endless problem and will continue to be as long as there are rabbit shows and rabbit showing.

  3. Happy birthdays!

    All those lost bunnies, such a shame, hope they find homes

  4. Hoppy Birthday, Biff and Sogna! Mickey and I wish you both the bestest of days, although it sounds like you've already got that covered.

  5. Happy Birthday, Biff and Sogna! Hope you get lots of parsley. And apples.

  6. Happy Birthday Biffy and Sogna! may all your wishes come true!

    hoping the rabbits get all the help they need, thanks for posting about them Lisa!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweet Babies.

  8. WIsh we could help those unfortunate but rescued buns.....Happy birthday both, demand, demand, demand and receive.... <3

  9. Hoppy Birthday three times to you two! Let's see...that's one treat per bun for each year and one to grow, wait...that's one item from each treat group and one item from each treat group to grow on...sounds like an exponential number of treats.

    If the rescued buns find homes half as nice as yours, they'll be ahead of the game. Here's hoping!!

  10. Hoppy hoppy birthday!!! Hope you got lots of toys you like. Mario is a little picky with toys, too, so I can sympathize how that goes.

    Sending good thoughts to the rescue buns. I sometime want to unsubscribe from a local rescue group's email list as they sometimes send out photos of bunnies on death row who need a home. Breaks my heart and I always wonder what happened to them.

  11. How on earth did I miss the birthday post!!! Dag!
    Happy birthday sweet ones! My heart goes out for those poor bunnies in D.C. Awful!
    xx, shell

  12. Happy Birthday Biffy & Sogna...what beautiful buns your are...sending you birthday wishes & many snuggles, from a rabbit mama & her four buns in the wintery North:D XO.

    (Oh those poor buns...people are so idiotic which is why I more often than not prefer the company of animals! I always stress the importance of having rabbits fixed...I hope each and everyone finds a good forever heart is going out to them.)