Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Sognaversary!!!!

Hey all! How are ya?!

I have been a terrible blogger. I was holed up in the library for three weeks studying for finals, and spent the last week working as much as possible and catching up on "life." Still not fully caught up, but getting there.

Tuesday was a very special day for us, and I'm sorry this post comes late. Tuesday was Sogna's second anniversary with Biff and I. It has been two incredible years, and we really can't imagine our lives without her. This was a day to reflect on how far she's come in her recovery. (Recovery from what? Sogna was a severe neglect case and was almost put down. For more information, see our 2nd ever blog post). Her splay leg hardly even splays anymore, she moves more quickly and gracefully every day, and she's no longer so fearful of strangers.

Here's how the Sogna celebrated her special day:

Being a destructobun, of course! This is Sogna on our Sognaversary, no more than one hour after I changed the litter boxes. Can you see her in there?

And of course...
Birthday naners!!! I've realized both bunnies' butts twitch when they're nomming up some serious naners, but Sogna's is more noticeable. It's hilarious! Any speculation as to why?

Here's the destructobun progress as of today:

Yup. She's possessed.

Also, April was a very lucky month for me. I won not one, but TWO bloggers' giveaways!

The first was the lovely Periwinkle, from Donna Swan of the Lavender Rabbit Hoppenings! (
This picture doesn't do her justice, Periwinkle is absolutely beautiful. Donna is an incredible jewelry artist, and I am so lucky to have won two of her giveaways this year. (Dot likes me!) Check out her etsy shop!

Periwinkle is playing on top of a ball of rose quartz. Rose quartz is said to promote feelings of self-esteem and well-being, which was something I really needed in the midst of the huge psychoemotional strain that is law school finals. So Periwinkle came with me to study every day! Thanks Periwinkle, for being a great study buddy! And thank you Donna, for sending dear little Periwinkle! I love her!

Then, a giveaway I didn't even KNOW I won, because I was so far deep into finals at the time of the drawing that I wasn't able to read the blogs!!

These super cute books from Shell May of the Raspberry Rabbits!! (

These books are cute, silly, fun, and best of all, sarcastic! They provided a much needed distraction, and an even more needed chuckle, in the midst of a really rough couple of weeks.

Thank you so much, Shell!! And congratulations to Shell again on her recent adoption of Lady Hannah Goldenhare!!! Bonding with her bunny Sir Harrington was an instant success, and we could not be happier for her.

I know we just came back, but we will be taking another, hopefully briefer hiatus from blogging for the next week. Jon and I are going to the Bahamas! It will be our first vacation alone together, and Jon says we both need it.

I am sad about leaving my beloved rascals, especially because our fantastic small animal certified vet-tech bunny sitter extraordinaire does not come out to Queens. So, the bunnies will be going to their Mima and Pops' house today, where I have doubled the size of the x-pen we had there. I wrote out some lengthy care instructions, and I know Biff and Sogna will at least be fed properly.
Now let's cross our fingers our sweet little monsters get some pettins' this week!
My family is a little afraid of them, which is just kind of weird to me.

Hope everyone has been well these past few weeks. Have a great week!


  1. Hoppy Buniversary, Sogna! Looks like Shell's buns aren't the only ones who like to party in the poo-poo bucket. :)

    Jon is right, you guys need a vacation--and what a place to get away from it all! Have a great time in the Bahamas--and who knows? By the time you get back, maybe your family will have fallen in love with the buns.

  2. Sogna knows a good thing when she sees it--Happy Bunversary! A trip to the Bahamas sounds like a wonderful way to decompress from the stress of law school. How could anyone exposed to them for any length of time be immune to bun charms?

  3. Happy Happy Day! Dont know why their butts twitch. Maybe their version of wagging their tails!

    Have an awesome time on your vacation!

  4. Have an awesome vacation!

    Mario's butt also twitches when he eats high value treats (banana being at the top of the list). I have no idea. Food butt binky?

  5. I love the 'happy butt twitch' bunnies do, not sure why they do it, but i know i've picked a good treat when they do that. :)

  6. Happy anniversary, Sogna!

    It's so funny that bunnies twitch their butts when they eat treats!

    Enjoy the Bahamas!

  7. Sogna has mad skills! Maybe you could hire her out for demolition jobs.

    We had one rabbit, Mr. Brown, who really twitched a lot when eating banana. The others really haven't done it. It is very funny to see.

    Happy Vacation!

  8. Well, after all that and caring so well for Sogna, I guess a teeny vacation is in order!!!!

    Have fun and the bunns will be fine - Heee Heee - spoiled to the max I bet!

  9. Happy Sognaversary! I am thoroughly impressed by her distructo skills.

  10. Happy Sognaversary!! great to see her wonderful kitty litter celebrations :)
    nice to know she has such great interior taste!
    and congrats on your prizes Lisa!
    I hope you both have a fab holiday, and that Sogna and Biffy have a great one too!
    and good luck with your finals!

  11. Oh happy anniversary to you sweet girl! I to am sooooooo far behind. I was in the mountains hiking.
    Have a wonderful vacation you two. Enjoy every single minute!!! Fabulous!
    xx, shell