Monday, March 5, 2012

Bunny video!!!

Well it has been a busy and emotionally charged few months since we last posted, and we're afraid it will be several months more before we can post again. But, I have something in the works and hopefully if it all works out I may have some more time for blogging this summer. We'll see.
Also, I wanted to let everybun know that I am having a real hard time commenting on certain blogs lately. Just wanted you all to know that just because you're not getting my comments, doesn't mean I'm not visiting!
Anyway, I just stopped in to share this video of the very special and multi-talented Sogna girl taking her medicine like a champ. I found out she could do this quite by accident, I was hoping I could figure out a way to force-feed her medicine without having to pick her up to reduce the stress. She had been taking the medicine after a mild case of bloat, but she's all better now!

Also, Biff is jumping on me in the video because it's just about their dinner time, and both bunnies always harass us until we feed them! He has absolutely no interest in taking Sogna's medicine and when he's sick I can't even get him to swallow it after I dispense it into his mouth.

I got this nifty new iPhone and I'm hoping that will mean more bunny videos!!!!

That's all for now! Hope everyone is well!


  1. That is outstanding Lisa. Sogna is such a good girl. Thanks so much for sharing this. Can you please have Sogna call my bunnies and talk to them?

  2. Yay for taking meds without a fuss! Good girl, Sogna! Love the little head tilt when you're petting her--"Mooooom! You're mussing my fur!"

  3. What a precious girl Sogna! Good for you! They are so adorable I can hardly stand it!!

  4. Are you sure those are meds in there? Bunns in the night have been known to ....

  5. They look so cute stretched out side by side! And Yay! for more time in the summer!

  6. I was having a hard time commenting on people's blogs too lately because of the new word verification. It's impossible! I took mine off. Which means maybe now I can get spam. But I so enjoy my people's comments!

    I can't watch the video because of bad Internet. If it's not one thing, it's another with this computer stuff! But I enjoyed your pictures. There's nothing cuter than a bun.

  7. I love bunny videos. And what a cute photo of the two of them. :)

  8. Good girl! Your bunnies are so pretty!

  9. Hey Lisa! I have been having the prob with commenting too! Sooooo frustrating after you take the time to write a note isn't it? As someone else mentioned, it's the word verification thing, and iPhone that aren't compatible. Frustrating eh? Sorry to everyone from me too... I've been reading I promise!
    Lisa x

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    GP and The Human: It seems that I am having a different problem than you are. I haven't tried to comment on a blog from my new iPhone yet (just finally got one), and when I try to access the blogs from my office, I don't get as far as word verification. when I click to view the comments, I get a pop-up that says "operation aborted" and the website goes to the "internet explorer could not display the web page" screen. It's probably some privacy setting on my office computer, which I do not have the authorization to change. And I can't download another browser, either, because of privacy settings.

  11. I do hope things improve for you soon Lisa, fab video!

    I have trouble with the word verifcation as well!

  12. Oh no what's going on? I will email you this evening...sending hugs to you and some bigs ones for the super good girl Sogna...she takes her medicine like Ella Luna, ha ha. We've been calling it 'crack time' because she's so crazy everytime to give her the Medacam, even if it's just 2 drops, she LOVES it...I think there is honey in it. Anyhow, thanks for the video it's lovely to hear your voice. XO.

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