Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A message from Jon

Jon was disappointed that he was not consulted for the farewell post (see below), so he asked me to post the following on his behalf:

This is written in memory of the Sogna girl, whose rascality will always be cherished.
I met Biff and Sogna sometime in the fall of 2009 shortly after meeting Lisa.  At the time, I had never encountered a pet bunny, nor had I ever envisioned myself as a rabbit owner.  Sogna and I got off to a rocky start.  Why?  Because she seemed to love jumping on me when I was in bed and right about to fall asleep.  She was also quite adept at placing her face an inch away from mine so as to maximize my shock when I opened my eyes.  But, as much as that might have bothered me, she won me over rather quickly. (Note that I eventually built a fortress around the bed to prevent her from jumping on me which was somewhat less than effective.)  We spent a lot of time together in that apartment on the lower east side.  Lisa and I would build bridges for her across the wooden floors so that she could run around and explore since she was not quite as proficient as Biff at zooming over the wooden surfaces.  She loved to bonk my ankles and be petted endlessly (especially if Biff was also being petted).  And, of course, she loved to eat.  She always had the appetite of a large whale and she wasn't afraid to show her excitement about eating or her disapproval of being fed more than thirty seconds late.
In the summer of 2010, Lisa, Biff, Sogna, and I moved to Queens to an apartment filled with lush carpeting and, what to a bunny would seem to be, extensive open fields.  In reality, of course, it was just our living room.  I met Lisa there on the first night after she had finished moving in most of her things.  The rascals were still in a cage in the middle of the mostly open living room.  At that point, we decided it would be safe to set them free and see how they reacted to their new home.  Within minutes both Biff and Sogna were zooming around the living room at full speed and binkying like there was no tomorrow.  It was especially nice to see the Sogna looking so athletic on the new carpet, since she had previously had some trouble on the wooden floors in the old apartment. 
And that was the start of almost two years in the apartment with Sogna.  In the time that we all lived together there, I witnessed Sogna act as though she was the happiest bunny in the world.  Since she lived freely at all times in the living room, she had countless places that she loved to go.  Under the couch, on the chairs, behind the chairs in the corner, and, of course, sprawled out in the middle of the room, among others (on top of the kitchen table even though she wasn't allowed). She loved to binky in such a way that her ears flopped around wildly.  She loved spending time grooming and being groomed by Biff.  She loved being pet.  She loved sneaking into the bedroom.  She loved her meals. She loved Biff and she loved her mom and dad.  She loved her life.
It has now been more than a month since the Sogna passed away.  The first week without her was especially hard.  She was a part of the family and the apartment seemed empty without her. It still does, but things have gotten better.  Biff is doing well and carrying the torch.  Yes, he still zooms around the apartment like a maniac and we have given him extra attention in hopes that he can still be a happy bun without his special girl.  I don't know what I miss the most about her.  I miss the way she'd be waiting for me every morning when I woke up.  I miss how her ears flopped up and down in excitement when
she ran for her breakfast.  I miss giving her eskimo kisses and petting her.  I miss her binkying at dinner time.  Perhaps most of all I miss her lying down next to me and talking to her (EHSOGNA).
But, despite the sadness of our loss, I am happy that Lisa, Biff, and I were able to give Sogna a happy life.  I will always look back on the time we spent together with fondness and appreciation that we were able to bring happiness into her life and that she was able to bring so much happiness into ours.
I'll always love you Sogna, as will Lisa and Biff.  You'll always be with us in our hearts and in our minds.  Rest in peace.  EHZOGNA!!


  1. Very well done Jon. It doesnt take an intelligent person very long to see all the special things about a bunny. Sogna was so lucky to have such a caring family.

  2. It is always the greatest of blessings to earn the trust and love of a rabbit, but it comes at the price of losing your heart to them. It is always a price well worth paying. Sogna was a sweet, special girl, and you and Lisa were especially blessed to have her in your lives. Hugs and much love to you, Lisa and the Biffster, and Mr. Mick sends nose bonks and bunny kisses as well.

  3. oh my goodness, precious Sogna :)
    i have been out of the loop and just visiting now Lisa and just read about Sogna. I am so happy that Biffy is getting on well and being showered with attention, and that you and Jon are good. And concentrating on all the love and good times you spent with your darling lady! that's the way to go :)
    I love this write up Jon, so tender and touching, and i can assure you it takes a very special man to live with a house rabbit, let alone a rescue bun, and Lisa, your farewell to Sogna is lovely and so very special. I love the photos of her, she is a beautiful lady.
    Wesley and I send kisses and smiles (and Wes says extra treats to Biffy!) and lots and lots of LOVE :) we know Sogna is happy and had the Very, Very Best life ever - she was loved here on earth and she is still being loved xxx

  4. You both did fine jobs posting about what a bunny in the house is like! Glad you all had the time together. It was grand. It all gets better - just takes a while.

  5. A wonderful post Jon. Sogna was truly a blessed bunny to have you as a dad.
    Hugs for your heart.

  6. She was so lucky to have you both!

  7. Thanks for sharing your love of Sogna. It is so hard to lose our beloved pets. Sending hugs from the Huntsville Bunstead buns, cats, dogs, and humans.

  8. I saw your comment on my blog and just came here for the first time. I'm so sorry to find such sadness. I have two outrageous outside bunnies and one very, very evil inside bunny, Helen. She teases me by thumping on the other side of the wall where I can't see her. In Sogna's memory, I will try to appreciate Helen and be glad there is a bunny on the other side of the wall.

  9. The letter from Jon - such heartfelt sentiment. So sorry about Sogna, I hadn't seen your post. Biff and Daisy do make a beautiful pair.