Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Fever

Boyfriend though I should tell you guys...

The night before last, BF and I were watching TV. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that I've been pretty sick, but I don't think the buns were worried about that. But then something unusual happened...

I caught Biff trying to mount Sogna's face. I was frightened, as the shelter staff advised me of the dangers of this, so I scolded him but it wasn't really necessary because Sogna easily scooted away. Moments later, he was trying to mount her from behind. She got away again and a chase ensued. BF was quite entertained and started cheering him on until I shot him a death glare.

I'm pretty upset about this. Biff has been a perfect loving, doting little angel (at least to Sogna), since he and Sogna first bonded. He hasn't mounted her at all since their initial getting-to-know-you period. Occasionally we catch Sogna mounting Biff's face, but he doesn't really seem to mind at all, he just hunkers down and takes it (BF thinks this is just great... He thinks they must be trying to breed. Since they're fixed, he explains, "they still feel these feelings, but they don't know what to do, but they still try, but they're just a little bit confused...").

Sogna seemed quite perturbed by this chain of events. What do you guys think? Is this just "spring fever"?? Or should I be concerned?


  1. As long as nobody gets ticked off dont worry about it. My 2 girls and boy have been together 3 years and spring and fall tends to bring it out a little more. Even when they are fixed they still have those instincts a bit. All of our couples at the rescue tend to get a little frisky this time of year.

  2. Nutmeg does this to Patches a lot -- and they are 2 girls! So, go figure. :) Nutmeg just likes to assert her dominance over Patches (who is twice her size, but that has never mattered)
    Thanks for the compliments on the earrings you bought -- I'm really glad you are enjoying them! I also think it is really cool that they made their way from my little ranch studio to the Big Apple. :)