Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - Year of the RABBIT!!!

Happy New Year!!! We wish you a very peaceful and happy Year of the Rabbit.

Now to the story of the day. Biffy is somewhat in love with the bathroom. Here's an old pic of him just hanging out in the bathroom. Sometimes he lays across the door way, sometimes he stands guard just outside the door in the hallway. We frequently get our feet boxed for daring to use the toilet or brush our teeth in Biffy's bathroom. How dare we?

Another favorite perch of his is behind the toilet. When he got sick, he went behind the toilet and wouldn't come out. I eventually fished him out of there to get him into the carrier and take him to the vet. He also likes to explore the space under the cabinet under the sink, and dig in any clothes or towels left on the floor.

On Thursday morning, I was getting ready for work and the bathroom door was open. He went in, which of course is not unusual. He often likes to dig in the towel on the floor outside the shower. Suddenly, I saw him jump. My little explorer bun probably didn't know where he was jumping to. And I definitely don't think he knew it would be all wet in there, when I had just gotten out of the shower.

He tried to escape by jumping back out, the same way he got in, but he didn't realize that it was not only wet, but also slippery in there, and he flailed pathetically.

Biffy looks for an escape route.

Eventually, he realized he couldn't get out on his own, and stared at me beseechingly to get him out of there. I took pity and lifted him up and over the side of the tub, and gently placed him on the towel right outside the door of the tub.

Biff was so indignant at having gotten wet, being trapped, and then being picked up all in such a short time, he wouldn't even say goodbye to me when I had to leave for work. He sat outside the bathroom, grooming himself and licking his wounded pride.

Biff is still in love with the bathroom, and just this morning he boxed Jon's feet so hard he left distinct scratch marks because Jon dared to use the toilet.

Anyway, everyone have a wonderful New Year!!!


  1. Maybe humans should resort to chamber pots instead of desecrating Biffy's special place.....Happy New Year!!

  2. ha ha! ownership :)
    when I had Zai I put a litty litter in there for him and every time I spent a penny he would follow me and do the same! he loved it!

  3. Biffy's Biffy!

    Bunny in a slippery tub - awful!

  4. What is it with bunnies and a bathroom? Mickey likes to go in ours as well, and will follow anyone in who will let him follow them in. Usually, that's me, although he's snuck in on my husband a few times (which results in me being called in to get the furry interloper out).

    Poor Biffy getting himself stuck in the tub--I can imagine he was quite bewildered--and then annoyed--at his predicament.

    A Happy, Hoppy New Year to you, Jon, Biff and Sogna--may the Year of the Rabbit bring you blessings galore. :)

  5. Poor Biffy, he must have been quite bewildered about being stuck in the bath like that!

    Hopppy New Year!

  6. At least he landed in the empty tub, not the toilet! Do you have "Beware of Guard Rabbit" signs on the door?
    Ginny loves the bathroom, but we try to keep her out. Her goal is to get behind the washing machine, with its nice, fat, power cord.

  7. Biffy is evidently not possessed of European sensibilities and requires all the modern conveniences to be solely for his own use. Obviously you will either need to add another bath or move. His dignity has been trampled once too often. Hoppy New Year to all!

  8. That is so cute! The kittens like the bathroom too. If we go in and close the door they sit on the other side and stick their paws under the door!

  9. Oh that is too funny. Biff loves his bathroom.