Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Make Mine Chocolate... Or Moss!

I don't think I need to explain the meaning of "Make Mine Chocolate" to anyone who reads this blog. Nor do I need to enumerate the dangers of buying rabbits for Easter. And the need to educate anyone you can about those dangers.

I am a big supporter of "Make Mine Chocolate," even having bought an Easter bunny myself 3 years ago.

But what about "Make Mine Moss"?

I got this in the mail from Jon's parents today. Isn't he cute? It's a little moss-covered bunny with an Ivy plant growing around him.

(Yeah, I know my jade plant looks badly. I'm not happy about that.)

Isn't he cute! He needs a name. He did come in a nice little terra cotta pot but I wanted to keep him in the plastic to minimize leakage and with the box holding him upright.

I checked the toxic houseplant list right away, (, and Ivy IS toxic to rabbits, so this little rabbit was moved into the bedroom.

I hope I don't kill him!


  1. I love the moss and ivy bunny. Good for your air, bad for bunnies to eat.
    xx, shell

  2. If you kill the ivy (not likely), the topiary form anchored in a clay pot can be returned to the bunspace as a decorative item.

  3. You are acquiring quite a collection of BunArt!!

  4. Wow! What a great moss bunny!!

  5. It's lovely! And, Aspen is my brother's pup. My furry niece gets lots and lots and lots of treat from me!

  6. Don't tell BL about the Jade plant. She adopts them too. We're full. The owners never come get them.

  7. A great bunny image!
    Yes to choc and green bunnies rather than breathing ones!