Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vet Kitty Says: "Your Blood Test Was Positive... for Apples"

Ok, so it's kind of a running joke about the apples. We've discovered the bunnies LOVE apple. Love might not be a strong enough word. I think junkie is a more appropriate word, and the bunnies exhibit what's similar to a junkie's drug seeking behavior. Once they have a taste, they're checking every corner of the apartment for more, and Biffy will bite at my ankles thinking that will get him some more. (It doesn't. I cut the apples into eighths, and then cut each eighth into four - so, 32nds? - and they can have one of those each morning).

First of all, thank you all so much for all of your reassuring words of support. It's so wonderful to have this little virtual community of bunny people to turn to in times of need. I value you all more than you know.

It went well at the vet on Saturday. When we got there, there was a big green bird loose behind the reception desk! Maybe an eclectus? Then, when they took Jon and the bunnies into the exam room while I was in the human litterbox, Jon said a ferret ran into the room to check out our family and make sure we could stay!

The vet said that whatever the problem had been with Sogna's eye, it seems to have resolved itself. She gave me some eyedrops to keep around in case we run into a problem at a later date.

She also suggested we follow up on Sogna's bloodwork. I think that I mentioned that we took a blood test when we were there for our annual visit in May. What most of you didn't know is that Sogna's came out abnormal. Her liver values were slightly elevated. At the time, the vet assured me that she has seen those values before, and that she's never seen them become a problem. She said those values are very slightly out of the normal range, and 3x those values would be cause for concern. Based on what she told me, and some research I did, it seems that many of the elements of neglect can affect a rabbit's liver, including unsanitary condition, improper feeding, malnutrition, and infection (each of which poor Sogna experienced before she was rescued). Of course, being the way I am, I asked her what we should do about it. She said, we'll just follow up with another test the next time I bring the bunnies in. If the values weren't decreasing, (which she suspected they would be), then we would start thinking about further testing at that point.

So on Saturday, we took another blood test, since we were there, to re-test Sogna's liver values. I got a voicemail from the vet yesterday morning, letting me know that the results were back, and that everything looks "Fabulous"!!! So we were thrilled and everybunny got an extra carrot last night.

Sogna says, "Look at me! How could anybun be more OK than I?"

So, after the blood test and eyedrops, we went back to the front to pay. Vet kitty, also pictured above, came running across the receptionist's keyboard to greet me!! The receptionist said vet kitty just craves attention desperately. I couldn't stop petting her and she couldn't stop purring. I didn't get the greatest pictures, but she was super cute, wagging her tail so hard that it was slapping on the front of the receptionist's counter, and laying across the counter, hugging it, so happy to have a new person around to pet her.

Vet Kitty, supervising her staff. Note the tail.

On an unrelated note, I had intended to include the pictures below in my post about gifts, but thought I lost the pictures. Granted, I self-gifted these to myself as an end-of-semester/Christmas/New Years gift. They're from The Qi Papers skreened shop, which you can find at http://skreened.com/qipapers. D. Moll is really an incredible artist, and now you can wear her prints!

The light is terrible in this picture. It's the dutch and white bunnies from D. Moll's "Two from Nottingham" print, and it says "2011: Year of the Rabbit" beneath the picture. Of course one needs a t-shirt to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! And I love the color of this one, it's a sage green, but you can get these t-shirts in just about any color under the sun.

Again, the light is terrible in this picture, but this long-sleeved t-shirt is a really nice soft eggplant purply color. It's amazingly soft organic cotton. It's D. Moll's Moku Hanga print depicting Harriet, everyone's favorite mittened bun, and next to the print it says: "Harriet Wanted for Theft Suspected of Stealing Mittens from Kittens."

OK. That's enough advertising. Go check it out for yourself!

Everybun be well.


  1. Yay for the good news about Sogna! What an eclectic vet practice you go to. Yay for apples and carrots! Can't go wrong with those Ts either!

  2. LOL, it's like finding an Easter egg out of season when I read and blog and there I am! Thank for the kind words and free advertising :) Very relieved that S is fine and that is great news about her blood tests getting better. Like they say a 32nd of an apple a day keeps the vet away.

  3. Very glad the vet report came back great! And I LOVE the Harriet print. Ha ha. Stealing mittens from kittens :)

  4. Excited for Sogna! And, yes, apples are that good.

  5. So glad to hear Sogna is okay!

  6. So glad everybun is ok! Love the sweet little vet kitty!
    Of course, I think I'm gonna have to get a d.moll shirt. After all, it is the year of the rabbit!
    xx, shell

  7. so glad they are both well and healthy Lisa! my two love apples as well big time!
    your Ts are great!
    and nice to know your vet is run by a cat :)

  8. Good you got her off booze when you did. Now you are doing well with apples too. Those bunns have so little self control!

    (How many catnips and cans of stinky food did the kitty vet accountant charge?)

  9. I think Vet Kitty looks a little scary! I love going to our vet. There's almost always something interesting going on.

    Good to hear Sogna is doing well!

  10. we didn't know that buns liked apples! that's pretty cool!

    we is glad that the blood tests came back ok - Sogna is indeed fabulous!!!

  11. SO glad to hear that all is well with Sogna!

    Mr. Mick prefers his apples dried, and would eat a whole pound in one sitting if I would only let him, but he only gets a few tiny bites once in a while.