Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're sorry... we can't stop blogging about digging

Hey All!!!

We feel bad for not updating you sooner to let you know that we did just fine 4th of July weekend, being left alone. On the 4th, after Jon and I returned home, we were actually able to see lots of fireworks all across the horizon from our 17th floor apartment, and none were close enough to be loud enough to scare the buns.

The buns pretty much looked like this when we got back, not disturbed in the least:

In other news, we replaced our litter boxes with a covered litter box. The idea was not so much to prevent digging, but a wishful thinking that the Sogna wouldn't be able to literally gut this one and empty it all over the floor like she was doing with the old one.

We were not so lucky.

Jon got clever and decided to install an "overflow" box to catch the litter box contents that Sogna removes from the litter box proper.

Sogna digs in there too.

In fact, the mostly-empty box seems to have diverted most of Sogna's digging attentions. So actually, the new litter box is a relative success quite by accident.

Biff prefers to observe digging activities from a safe distance. He knows by know what happens if he stands too close (litter box contents dumped on his head several times recently).

And by the way, the bunnies have shown me their opinion of celery, by not touching it whatsoever.

(The bowl from which Biffy IS eating contains our daily shared portion of 1/4 cup of Oxbow pellets).

We hope you have all been well and are enjoying your summer. Hopefully we'll be around more in the next few weeks. Only three weeks left of my internship! And only four until I go back to school :-/


  1. that's good work with the over flow box!
    my two like the celery leaves only, and the greenest of the stalks.
    good luck with your internship :)

  2. We enjoy blogs about digging!

    Mine just like the tops of celery too.

  3. Celery is a no-go here too. A success with a litter box. Get a Gold Star!!!

  4. Yay for litterbox successes! Mick won't touch celery either--neither tops nor bottoms.

    Glad to hear the weekend went well--I figure that all is good if you don't find bunny poop in your shoes after you get home. :)

  5. Good solution! Luckily Bert and Mercedes confine their digging to their cardboard boxes. A whole week off between internship and school--what will you do with all that time!?

  6. Yeah, celery is not that yummy.

  7. RG - Let's not jump to conclusions! The overflow box is only a temporary solution because there is no litter in that box (otherwise, we would have the same problem we've been having), yet the bunnies have started using it as a litter box. So, we will need to figure out something else.

    TFF - Biffy prefers to dig cardboard too! Sogna is just possessed. What will I do on my week "off"? WORK!!! At my "real" job as opposed to my internship. And maybe catch up on some laundry if I'm not working late that week :)

    ALL: I woke up this morning, and that whole plate of celery was GONE!! Must have been aliens. I hear aliens like celery.

  8. I guess it just took them a while to realize celery was food! Sogna sure is one determined bun, isn't she? Too bad she doesn't use her talents for good, instead of evil....

  9. Mario likes celery! Not at the TOP of the list, but a good variety to add for him.

    I love Mario's covered box. It keeps lots of stray hay in (smells as well). He went through a period where the cover stimulated digging, but thankfully he got past that. In the past I used to give him a "digging box (second litterbox with some shredded paper for him to push around)" that was a big success with him. Thankfully he didn't actually poop or pee in it.