Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet Jazmin

Hi everyone. Meet Jazmin:

(couldn't download the pic from the website for some reason)

I met Jazmin at Biff's bunny speed dating last May. There were two girls that Biffy seemed to get along with: Sonja/Sogna and Jazmin. If I had had any idea of Jazmin's circumstances, I may have chosen her.

Jazmin was rescued from a big hoarding situation in August 2008. I can't think of a reason why she still hasn't been adopted. She is sweet, charismatic, in perfect health and very playful and entertaining. At the bonding, after I ultimately chose Sogna, her foster mom picked her up and snuggled her and said, "not this time Jazzy. Maybe next time." It broke my heart.

I've often thought about going back for her, and making my pair a trio. Unfortunately, my landlord has said it's absolutely out of the question, two buns are already two too many.

I am very friendly with her current foster mom, who I volunteer with at the rescue. She says that as Jazzy may nip if she doesn't feel she's getting sufficient attention (something Sogna used to do when I first got her), and because of her high energy level, she may not be a great candidate for a home with children.

If any of you are in the NYC Metro area, or know someone who is, who may be interested in giving Jazzy a chance at her first good home, and would like to meet her, please leave a comment and I will put you in contact with her foster mom. This poor girl has been with the rescue nearly two years, and I would be thrilled to help finally find her forever home.

A note about the shelter: You may notice that she is listed through the Animal Care and Control Center of NYC in the link above, which unfortunately is a kill shelter. I understand how this may be off-putting. However, she is actually in the care of the NYC Rabbit Rescue & Rehab, which is the NYC Chapter of the House Rabbit Society and is a no-kill organization that simply operates using the facilities of the ACC.

I know most of you are at max bun capacity and/or are not in the area, but I'd really appreciate if you asked around to friends in the area.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Jazmin sounds like a wonderful bun. We hope she finds a forever friend soon.

  2. I am hoping to that Jazmin gets her special forever home. Had a lump in my throat when I read the words her fosterer said to her :)
    sending well wishes to the special lady.

  3. Ah Jazmin, I hope someday soon. I know how hard it is. We have some of the sweetest most lovely bunnies that are always overlooked....Some folks dont know what they are missing!

  4. What a sweet girl. I hope she get's the most wonderful home she is so deserving of.