Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Days...

...are perfect for a good old fashioned flop fest. Just laze around and do nothing all day.

Well, grooming is nice too. Between naps, of course.

In other news, Mom told us she has started getting notice back from law schools, and even got a couple of big scholarships. Mom says that law school might mean we get late dinners sometimes, which we responded to by thumping vehemently, but she ALSO said after a couple of years of study, she will be able to buy us LOTS of toys and treats all the time!!!

"Biffy, what is a scholarship?"

"Mom says it's when they give you lots of money so that you can study. Money is that yummy, kind of funny-smelling green toy that we like to steal out of Momma's purse and shred up."

"Oh, I see...

What is study?"

"Study is something that me and Mom used to do all the time before you came around, Sogna. It means that Mom comes home and stares at a book all day and night. A book is this wonderful toy, it's a bunch of paper for shredding, bound on one side with this nice chewiness you can really sink your teeth into.

Study is great fun, Sogna. We should be looking forward to it!!"

"That does sound fun.

But Biffy, why does Momma need smelly green paper to play with these 'books'? I thought you said they were already full of paper??"

"That's a good question, Sogna. I really don't know. Two-foot behavior is very complex, and often makes little or no sense. We'd best not worry too much about it."

Have a great weekend, everyone!! Stay dry!!!


  1. I don't think those bunns need to worry too much about money and the law. They'll get what they need!!!

    Goldie is an American Fuzzy Lop!

  2. Studying sounds like more fun for the bunnies than the human, but congrats on all the scholarships!

  3. sweet photos and enjoy the studying - congrats on the scholarships

  4. Thanks for the congratulations and well wishes, guys!!! Believe it or not, the intention of this post was NOT to fish for that. I just thought the whole affair must seem ridiculous from a rabbit perspective!

  5. You dear bunny Mom! I responded to your comments on my blog. You are a wonderful bunny mom and will make an outstanding attorney. Best of luck..