Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Someone. Anyone. HELP!!!

Someone. Please. Help me. Save me from these little monsters and their devious ways. Oh sure, they look really cute and sweet and innocent. But they are MONSTERS.

You see, I am not allowed to go out. If I dare break this rule, I come home to a bed that has been treated like a litter box. It used to be only if I went out at night, when I should be home from work. I bought a waterproof mattress cover and strip the bed when I go out or if I know I'll be home from work late. But lately, there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. Today, I came home from work to pee bed... enough, in fact, that it went through the comforter, through the sheets, through the waterproof mattress cover, to the mattress pad.

I know it's not "accidents", because there's never a problem on the floor, and they know they're not allowed on the bed when I'm here (only because I know there will be pee!) Even when I am here, if I spend too much time in the other room, step out for a minute, or (heaven forbid) I vacuum... pee bed.

There must be a better way. I really don't want to cage them--they've been free range for so long. But I just can't handle pee bed anymore! And though I've conceded to do so in the past, I really can't be a prisoner of my bedroom any longer. If anyone has any advice, or suggestions, or thinks I'm completely insane... PLEASE HELP!!!!


  1. UH OH! Well, they are simply marking YOUR bed as theirs. That's all there is to that. :) Our free range bunnies go right into their 3-story condo when we are gone and they've gotten used to that. They get let out as soon as we get home. Little monsters is right! But, they sure are cute monsters.

  2. I'll think about you have mice or, god forbid, rats in your building? I have noticed there will be an increase in pee activity if we have a mouse in the house.There may be some actual reason that your darling bunnehs are marking their territory....damn they are cute.

  3. Arabella has pee spotted the carpet throughout the years - and if I leave a jumper on the ground she will come over and sit ontop of it for a while - usually droppings are left - sometimes it's pee. Probably because it is all her territory.
    I have had pee bed before though and I believe it is territory marking.
    Try putting a suitcase ontop of your bed, or a chair on it's side but half over the edge - to put them off jumping up. Something in the way to prevent a safe jump up should put them off, and that is physically visible to them so they don't get a fright or hurt themselves half way mid air.
    I usually block the area being marked for a few days/weeks with furniture.
    You could even try a noisy crinkly type covering for the bed - like the ikea blue bag material - not nice to move on.
    Free range is good :)

  4. Thanks ladies!

    D- No mice or rats or roaches here. The building's only two years old so there's no way for them to get in.

    Annette- great ideas! I'll try them.

    Thanks again.

  5. We used to put some old curtains on top of the bed and then weigh them down with a couple of boxes. Pee bed was never a problem for us though, Anya only ever peed in her litter area. No her problem was she liked eating sheets!

  6. Can't you just shut the door to the bedroom? Or maybe a baby gate?

  7. CGP- Biff & Sogna definitely enjoy eating/shredding sheets. I don't worry too much about that, I only buy cheap sheets, and when they start to look like swiss cheese, I buy a new set and use the shredded ones for the "bridge". Sleep in pee bed a few times, and you learn not to sweat the small stuff!!! Like I said, they have great litter box habits, this is something else entirely.

    Hef's Mom- The problem is, they live in the bedroom. They're allowed to Bunny 500 around the rest of the apartment only when I'm there to supervise, because Biff likes to go behind the washer/dryer, sometimes under the stove, and because Biff used to have the same problem with the couch!!! Also, I bought a huge area rug to cover the bedroom floor so Sogna can get around with her splay-leg. She has a lot more difficulty moving around the rest of the apartment. It would cost me a fortune to cover the floors of the rest of the apt.

  8. Oooo naughty, naughty, naughty! I've never had this problem, so I am of no advice. Dag... they are just do darn cute! Monsters, but let me kiss those faces! hee,hee,hee.

  9. If after a good talking to they don't change their wicked ways you could put an XPen around the bed so they can't get up......then take it down when you are in there or sleeping, a hassle....true......

  10. Never faced this problem. I can offer nothing. Maybe corral the buns in an xpen when not at home or the bed like Diana said.

  11. Move into your car or a big box?

    Seriously - let us know what works. we are not free-rangers so we don't do that. Sounds like fun .. Heee Heee

  12. ROFLMAO!! OMG! I faced this EXACT scenario, except it was Frannie with the couch. If I dared to leave, the couch suffered. I could've placed razor wire around the couch and Frannie would somehow get on there and dive in.

    So, I had to face the dreaded decision to lock them in to their cage and playpen. Mom even told me that, "They would NEVER allow that" Anyway, I tried one night. Locked them in and the second I locked them in I got a look like, "This is a joke, right? You're gonna unlock this any second now, RIGHT?"

    Well, I went out to my South African Drum Beating tournament, came home, and saw Frannie and Thumps just sitting and glaring at me, if looks could kill I'd be dead. Next, the ENTIRE playpen area and cage were full of cocoa puffs. You couldn't see the floor. This is from wabbits that are witter twained also.

    Now I have a couch cover. I was thinking of marketing my own rabbit repellant, actually Frannie repellant. I would need for someone to vacuum my scent as I went to corner Fran to pick her up, then seal the bag and place into a aerosol can.

    I can call it Fwan Stop! or something like that.