Friday, April 30, 2010

Mom's playing hooky

Biff has spent the whole day basking in the sunshine...

It's in the 70s today and the sun's been shining all day, so Mom couldn't bear to go to work today.

Sogna prefers to rest in the Under-the-Bed-Realm, where Mom can't wake her up with pettins.

Still, she manages to wake her up with that wretched camera.

Mom was cleaning up after us last weekend and Jon commented that the room seemed so much BIGGER without the pen. Buns seemed to be enjoying the running space, and the pen doesn't actually get used anyway, so Mom decided to experiment and see how it went without it. Buns didn't seem troubled without their protective fence, as she suspected they might. So the only drawback is really just that Mom has to pick up stray doots from all over the floor, not just inside the cage.

Oh well.

What do you think? Looks a lot bigger, no?

This is the new planter Mom bought on Etsy. There's a hare in the center and a tortoise hanging on to either side. We like it, but unfortunately it's too small for the Jade it was intended for.

Mom's thinking bunny grass, but maybe that's too boring. Any ideas?? Would need to be easy to grow, keep in mind Mom's a beginner.

Hope the weekend weather is as nice where you are as it is here!!!


  1. Nice pot! Grass is good, but it grows in dirt. rabbits love to dig dirt. For that reason, I would choose a very shallow dish for grass if it is to be offered indoors.

    Mint can be easy to grow, hard to get rid of once you've got it. I recomend mint in pots. The pots prevent it from taking over the yard. The pot will need some good sun. Fortunately, you can put the sprigs of mint you buy at the grocery in water until they root, then stick them in the dirt. No need to sprout from seeds or go to the garden store.

  2. the room looks super Lisa!
    every morning when I come thru I collect all the 'presents' and in the evening I do it again. It gets me stretching in yoga type ways so it's good for the body.
    I have all my electric cables in sleeves from Ikea, they were very cheap and stops a nibble or two so my whole house is rabbit friendly.
    When we had Zai we had an extra kitty litter in the toilet for him as he used to like to come in at times to 'spend a penny' there :)
    Maybe some type of herbs would be super in that lovely pot?

  3. I agree with Annette regarding herbs for the pot. You can get them pre-started at a lot of grocery stores.

  4. Less fencing, more bun integration :) the doots? well, what's a few doots when buns have faces like Songa and Biff, put some in your planter.

  5. Playing hooky is fun sometimes. I did it last friday (first time I have called in sick in years)went to the rescue and watched bunnies play and binky instead. Good therapy.

  6. OMG! I LOVE your blog title! And your buns are SUPER cute! Mario used to be a Big Apple Bun, too (we moved to SF from NYC a few years back).

    I think bunny grass is a wise choice. I heart etsy!

  7. Ginny and Weasley vote for parsley in the planter. And Ginny wants to know if the Big Apple is edible?

  8. ANY KIND OF BUNNY FOOD! There - got it???

  9. hehe, I am doing the same, posting my reply here!
    I love your blog LOL! I've never had such a jolly time checking out the photos and following what they thinking :D
    I am also very jealous! Always wanted a lop :( Jazz is so hyper active as she's a dwarf (although all the fur makes her seem bigger) and she gives me grey hairs i tell you!
    thanks a ton for ton for the help. My fiance is actually an electrician so we gona use pvc trunking as it's not as big as the pvc pipes they have at work!
    I have the wires now barricaded and she's stopped going there but i am worried she'll now go behind the tv cabinet. They smart as you know!! lol!
    I cant wait to have my mind at ease though hey, i've always had this issue with her and she will only chew if there is power surging. I can't switch all the plugs off just so she wont chew at it you know...
    I feel those greys coming on lol

  10. Lisa drop me an email before your trip to Oklahoma!