Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 9th of July?!

I've been meaning to post all week, but I've been really lethargic and haven't felt well. Have I mentioned that I hate pharmaceuticals?

Anyway. Happy 4th of July!!!

My poor bunnies got dragged out to my parents' house on Friday night. I was too worried about the fireworks to leave them in the city all alone.

Saturday evening, when it started to cool off, I took the buns out on the deck for some exercise. I don't know how much they really like it out there, but I didn't want them in their pen for three days straight.

Little did they know...

Little did Sogna know at the time this picture was taken that she would soon be licked by a Big Scary Dog.

Maddie really is a very good dog, and a very smart dog. But she has some telling nicknames. "The Mayor." "Inspector." and "Policedog." She just needs to inspect everyone and everything that comes inside, or even near, her home and her family.

Maddie is always trying to get near the buns. If I open the door to my room for her, she sits obediently and looks at them longingly. (She knows she's not allowed in). But they're terrified of her. As a guard dog, she's pretty noisy, and she doesn't understand a bunny's value of personal space.

When I carried Biffy inside, I stopped in the kitchen so my family could sat hi. Maddie sat down at my feet. So I let her smell him. She buried her nose in his fur, just trying to get a good sniff.

Then, when I brought Sogna in, I did the same. Sogna is slightly less afraid of Maddie. Maddie started licking her!! I don't know if Sogna liked it, she probably didn't so I whisked her away.

Maddie loves her family very much. I think she knows that Biff and Sogna are my family, and thus hers too. And she can't understand why she isn't allowed to get to know part of her family. After she was allowed to get a good look and sniff, she didn't bother the buns. She didn't try to follow me upstairs to put them away. I think she was satisfied.

Sunday we had a party to celebrate the 4th of July and my birthday. There were too many people around and it was just way too hot, so the buns had to stay in the air conditioning. They got plenty of chamomile and some fresh catnip to calm their nerves.

Then, Monday was my birthday, so we stayed a bit longer to have lunch with my family. We got on a fairly late train, to try to avoid some of the holiday train traffic. Turns out the trains were actually delayed up to 114 minutes, because of congestion from so many people getting on the train at each stop!!!

Finally, we made it home. Phew. It was a long and exhausting weekend, and the buns were happy to be home.

Pretty clear from this picture that the excessive shedding has barely slowed down. I pluck every day, and brush as often as I can actually CATCH the bunnies to brush them, but they just seem to keep shedding! It's been at least two months of ridiculously heavy shedding. I'm so tired of torturing the buns with plucking, brushing, and vacuuming. When will it end?!

That's all for now.

Have a great weekend everybunny!!!


  1. always a challenge with bunnies and dogs, glad you had a good weekend away

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, and I sympathize with you on the shedding; Mickey's leaving a cloud of fur everywhere he goes, even after I groom a few pounds of fur off him. The boy keeps threatening to shave him.

  3. Hare Hare Hare everywhere. Pun intended.

  4. Maddie looks a bit like my Shadow! Shadow loves Hef and wants to play with him too, but we always keep an eye on them together and when Hef gets annoyed he just hops back upstairs to his room. Shadow knows not to chase! (Unless its time for Hef to go in his cage and I don't want to walk around it forty times while Hef runs the other way...)

  5. The Meezers say Maddie is an alien.

  6. Ah, I hope The Big Shed ends soon. When Mario was younger he'd go through shed cycles. Now I feel like he's in a continual shed all the time.