Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silver thinks cats are weird.

But we think they're ok. They don't make a lot of noise, like the Big Scary Dog, and they respect your space and don't get up in your face.

This picture was taken sometime last year, and my sister just gave it to me this weekend. Though Bella was kind of hesitant and aloof, as usual, Biff seemed to just want to make a friend. This was when I really knew I needed to bond him.

I'm back from my business trip. It was so hard to be away from the buns for so long (two days), but Jon took good care of them. I expected them to be punish me when I got home, by ignoring me, but as soon as Biff heard my voice he hopped around a full 180 degrees and ran over. Sogna wasn't far behind him. They loved the pettins. Sogna's coat has gotten ridiculously shaggy after two days of not being plucked. Don't tell her, but I do think she needs to be restrained and brushed asap.

Before I left, I ordered the buns some presents to bribe them into loving me again. This basket came full of willow balls from Busy Bunny. I'm sure they'll be gone in a couple of days.

I also ordered a new Cottontail Cottage, since the old one (on the left) is getting dangerous. It looks ok from the outside, but the structural integrity of the two levels inside has been seriously threatened by digging activity.

I also ordered 6 extra large grass mats, not pictured.

Also, I recently cut off about 9-10 inches of my hair. Just felt like a change. The haircutter suggested I donate it, but I've donated to Locks of Love four or five times, and I'm pretty sure they require 10 inches as an absolute minimum. So the hair has been sitting in my nightstand drawer for over a month while I took my time deciding what to do with it. When the massive oil spill hit the Gulf, I knew what to do.

You see, there is an organization that uses hair stuffed into old stockings as boons to soak up the oil. It sounds crazy, but apparently it works better than dispersant, and has virtually no effect on the environment. They do take hair from groomers, etc., but apparently human hair works best! Who knew?

My Pretty Angel Girl :)


  1. I don't understand the anticat motives going around. Hef liked our cat, they teamed up in keeping the dog at bay, too bad kitty had to find a new home.

  2. Lisa what a super thing to do with your locks!! thank you!
    I've been watching this all from Scotland and it's good that there are some rays of light in all the devastation happening in the gulf and the hair booms are good news.

    Biffy really is carpet crawling to Bella (or looks like he is - those little back feet dug in tight!)

    Hope they have fun with the balls and the new construction (destruction) project :)

  3. great idea to donate your hair to helping to clean up the oil spill!

  4. Silver does not really dislike cats. She is just honing her disaproval skills and they are available. They really are good company.

  5. Now you've done it! Ginny and Weasley are reminding me how long its been since we've placed a Busy Bunny order!

  6. I hope you enjoyed your trip a bit. (not all work work work) The pictures are so sweet. My kitty wanted to be a bun really really bad. He tried his best to make friends but the buns just werent having it.

  7. Excellent idea with the hair!
    Your buns are very well cared for.
    Buster my dog would be envious.
    Yes, you should come over to Chelsea!
    Maybe we could have coffee?

  8. What an awesome bounty for the buns! I'm sure they are glad to have you back.

    I did Locks of Love a few years ago. I think 10" is the minimum for them to use your hair in a wig. Anything less they sell, I believe. Awesome use of your hair for the oil!

  9. Cats eat Stinky Food. They are weird.

    Bnnies ROCK!

  10. Freckles hasn't met a cat yet. Several of them visit the back yard, but haven't been there when she is out. She does have an aversion to dogs, however.

    Great idea for the hair -- what a crazy world!

  11. Fiona is a Meezer Bun ( and I bet she'd make you an honorary Meezer. In fact, I'll make you an honorary Meezer (I'm one too!)
    your bud Pepi

  12. Hi there new friends!!! we read your comment on our bloggie and here are some answers for you!

    "Meezer" is a nickname for Siamese (siamese - meeze - meezer)cat. "meezer buns" are like our furriend Fiona Bun - darker faces and lighter bodies. Our orinch kitty Billy - well he felt a little outnumbered on our Meezer blog so he has his own blog (

    We all just LOVE buns! we would love to be furriends wif you!
    Sammy, Miles, Nicky and Billy too

  13. Hi Lisa: What an interesting use for your hair - I had not heard of that before. Hey, every little bit helps, right? Such a freakin' disaster. Sad.
    Hugs to your buns.

  14. How great is that about your hair! Wonderful! Man...that was some long hair!
    Love the busy bunny shop. Razzy and Sugie just got a new cottage and the same willow balls. They love them!